Denim: the fabric we can’t get enough of. It’s come to the rescue many a time when we were out of ideas and stood helplessly in front of the wardrobe muttering those all-too-familiar words: "I’ve got nothing to wear”. We simply can’t tear loose from denim shorts, a versatile Winter staple which, by the way, also look great with rips and frays.
Looking back, you can probably associate a pair of denim shorts with every single Winter of your life. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of denim shorts; no suitcase is holiday-ready without a pair; there’s no shirt or blouse they won’t go with… In short, it seems undeniable that denim shorts are a Winter essential we can’t live without.


The first thing you need to know about women’s denim shorts is they look great on all of us. Whatever your body shape, there’s always a pair for you. And secondly, they work for pretty much any occasion.
If you pair them with the right clothing and accessories, you can use the same denim shorts you’d wear for popping to the shops to attend a party at the most happening joint in your city on a Saturday night. Want to find out how?
Let’s take, for instance, a pair of basic denim shorts with a waist-high fit, zip and top button fastening, turn-up hems and pockets. For doing everyday chores, you could throw on a basic T-shirt, your comfiest pair of trainers and a belt bag for carrying the essentials.
Those same shorts will also be your best ally for the party that very night. Opt for a plain oversize shirt, roll up the sleeves and tuck it in your shorts. Pick out some heeled sandals, a double-buckle cowboy belt and an animal print crossbody bag. Last but not least, pop on some maxi earrings. And voilà! The same garment you wore to run your daily errands helped to create that ultra-chic look you paraded around your city’s most popular venues.
Pick out your favourite shorts from a vast selection at Pull&Bear. Luckily, a great deal of creativity has gone into designing women’s denim shorts, so there are currently more possibilities than you could ever imagine. Short, with a little more length, zipped, with buttons or elasticated details, distressed, ripped or in classic fabric, in all shades of denim blue, featuring different finishes, and with or without beads, motifs and embroidery.
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