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Men’s short sleeve T-shirts

If ever there was a basic in a man’s wardrobe, the short sleeve T-shirt would be it. Even though we have those favourites that we bring back year after year under the premise of “it’ll last me for one more year”, every season there are new designs that we can’t resist and inevitably end up in our wardrobe. What can we say? We’re only human. And when they put designs as luscious as these in front of us… we crack.
This year, trends that remind us of years gone by are here in force, so you’re going to see a wide variety of men’s short sleeve T-shirts with motifs from yesteryear.
Short sleeve T-shirts with logos are all the rage. And, linking to the trend we mentioned earlier, logos from times gone by. Printed on your T-shirt, you’ll be wearing the brand image of drinks you begged your parents to buy you when you were little, or games you played when you were a child.
Add to this nostalgic fever designs that feature prints depicting scenes from TV series, films and cartoons you used to watch. The characters you most admired as a child, the heroes who starred in your favourite adventures or those you most identified with. Films that echoed through the history of cinema and television and also resonated in your life.
Don’t miss out on T-shirts featuring your favourite bands, the ones that marked an era of your life and that, every time you listen to them, transport you back to it. You know those album collections you’ve built up at home and guard with your life? Now you can wear them as part of your everyday look or show off your T-shirt at concerts and festivals.
We also have to emphasise the success of men’s short sleeve T-shirts featuring slogans. Because T-shirts aren’t just for wearing, they also say something about us; and now, thanks to these slogan T-shirts, we can also speak through them. How about taking your leitmotiv with you wherever you go?
T-shirts that transport us to dream locations don’t go out of style either. Idyllic landscapes and cities that we dream of visiting one day. But if you can’t go to the mountain, better that the mountain at least comes to you, don’t you think?
And, of course, we mustn’t forget the basic short sleeve T-shirt—that classic that is always around and that you can always turn to. In every colour imaginable and with little details that will give your outfits a distinctive touch.
All these designs will always combine well with the jeans and trousers from Pull&Bear that you like the most. It’s a garment that goes with everything, so with that as your upper half, it can be worn with any garment at all, whichever colour and style defines you best.
When you want to pick out some men’s short sleeve T-shirts, the Pull&Bear catalogue is vast, and one thing is for sure: you can create as many looks as you can imagine and you can’t go wrong. Have a look and find yours! see more See less