Men's overshirts

In recent seasons, men's overshirts have become one of the star pieces in men's wardrobes. Perfect for everyday wear, you can find overshirts in all types, styles and colours. Here we will explain how versatile this garment is and what you can pair it with for perfect looks.

What is an overshirt?

The term overshirt has become increasingly popular over the past few years and has gained ground over mid-season jackets. Basically, the overshirt can be defined as a type of casual shirt, made from a stronger fabric than a normal shirt but thinner than a jacket.

In other words, it is a garment that is midway between thick, heavy jackets and traditional cloth shirts. There are even many men who, nowadays, wear it as if it were a shirt.

Reasons to own an overshirt

As you will have seen on the streets of your city, the men's overshirt is a garment that has burst onto the scene. If you don't have one yet, you're already late to the party, because it is a totally versatile garment that will work very well in almost any season of the year.

But why has it been so successful? Why should you have at least one in your wardrobe to complement your looks?

  • You can wear them over your T-shirts, turtlenecks, shirts or sweatshirts.

  • They're not as warm as jackets, so they'll be perfect for when you go to a shopping centre, for example.

  • They are a garment that can even be worn in spring and autumn, not just in winter.

  • If you need to be warmer in winter, don't hesitate to wear one over a sweatshirt.

  • They have more pockets than a normal shirt, so you can store more things in them.

  • They come in different types and fabrics: denim, wool, men's corduroy overshirts, military style, with zips or buttons... so variety is one of their strong suits.

  • How to wear a men's overshirt the right way?

    To wear an overshirt the right way, the first thing to do is to think of this garment as a light jacket. Never choose a size that is too loose or too tight. In other words, it should fit perfectly if you’re wearing other garments underneath and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at any time.

    There are two perfect lengths for men's overshirts, either just enough to cover the belt or you could choose a slightly longer style. It should always be longer than the garment you’re wearing underneath, and you should also be able to raise your arms without exposing your torso at any point.

    As for what to wear it with, this will mainly depend on the number of garments you are going to wear underneath (although you shouldn't wear more than 4, so as not to make your outfit too bulky or feel weighed down). If it's really cold, you can even add a padded coat or gilet on top of your overshirt.

    Never wear your overshirt tucked inside your trousers, even if you wear it closed. When it comes to wearing it, always remember that this is a casual garment, so it will look perfect with any type of jeans but not with a pair of pleated trousers.

    As we have already explained, there are different types of men's overshirts. Nowadays, checked overshirts for men and corduroy overshirts are popular. Thanks to the great variety of options available for this garment, you will always be able to break the monotony of your look by adding a touch of colour.

    So, for example, if you’re wearing black jeans and a black roll neck sweater, you can opt for a black and white checked men’s overshirt or an overshirt in green, which is one of the season's star colours. Even a military-style overshirt can be perfect for wearing with jeans and a plain T-shirt in black or white, adding a touch of dynamism to your outfit to show you mean business.

    What is clear is that the overshirt is a piece that has become a must-have for men all over the world. As it is a warm yet light garment, it will protect you from the cold in certain situations, such as going shopping somewhere without having to take off layers and staying warm. It's also perfect for strolling through the streets of your city in autumn and spring, when temperatures have not yet started to rise and may even sometimes be cool.

    If you decide to buy a men's overshirt, nowadays, you can’t go wrong with a checked shirt, and for a completely black look, men’s beige overshirts are perfect for breaking the monotony of colour while adding a touch of elegance to a totally casual outfit.
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