Men’s basic shirts

Eight in the morning, you get up and, after your usual morning routine, it’s time to look in your wardrobe. What should I wear to the office today? Six in the evening, you’re late for a festival that’s already started and want to wear the T-shirt of your favourite band, but it seems too simple. Would it look good with something on top? Eight in the evening, your parents are ready but you’re running late to your granddad's birthday celebration. You family is expecting you to look formal, but how?
If you’ve ever been in one of these situations and asked yourself the same questions, we’ve got the answer: a men’s basic shirt. The kind of plain shirt that is perfect for any occasion. For a formal event or as a casual touch in your everyday outfits. You can wear them open for one look or buttoned up for another. One shirt and as many outfit options as you can think of.
This is the ultimate piece in any man’s wardrobe, offering many more possibilities than you might at first think. Men’s basic shirts are no longer boring, in simple colours. Some colours do stand the test of time, but there is now a wide range of tones available, with new fabrics, new revamped cuts, more flattering collars or eye-catching buttons.
If you’ve got a celebration or event that you need to dress up for and you’re looking for a men’s plain dress shirt, monochrome options are always a hit. Combine chinos in a light colour with a contrasting basic shirt in a dark or bright tone, for a classic yet perfectly suitable look.
If this year you dare to try the printed trousers trend, we recommend you pair them with a plain, monochrome shirt on top. Check tailored trousers are fast becoming a trend and are a perfect option for adding a fresh touch to your outfits.
Another common way to wear men’s basic shirts is as an overshirt on top of a printed T-shirt. Wearing a shirt open over another garment can give you a different look as well as another use for your shirt. Same garment, different ways to wear it.
So now you know, if you want to update your look but you still prefer the classics, men’s basic shirts from Pull&Bear are your best bet. Revamped, upgraded and on trend, an all-rounder! see more See less