Women’s faux leather clothing

Faux leather is one of the featured fabrics this Autumn-Winter season, and you’ve surely noticed already that it’s everywhere. Until not long ago, it was used mainly for tight leggings, jackets and boots, but you can also have faux leather trousers, shirts, tops, dresses and skirts so that nothing can stop you from creating your best Insta-ready looks this season.
When it comes to faux leather, everyone inevitably thinks of the colours black and brown. However, this season subdued, warm colours have replaced dark tones, stealing the spotlight.
Undoubtedly, some clothes, like red faux leather biker jackets, should always have a place in your wardrobe for when you’re feeling a bit bold, as they’re ideal for matching with your lipstick colour.
Other pieces, like faux leather skirts or dresses and jumpsuits are also on-trend this season. You’re probably not used to seeing this fabric on certain items of clothing, but the truth is it looks great, as it adapts perfectly to your figure and provides a chic touch that works just as well for a professional environment as it does for going to a special event.

Pairing faux leather clothing

To make the most of these pieces, you need to know how to mix and match them just right.
Colour is very important, so if you opt for a pair of black leggings or trousers, then you’ll need to add a vibrant touch of colour. Including a bit of contrast in your outfit with a white sweater or red belt is another option to keep in mind. If you top it off with a pair of flats or heeled ankle boots, you’ll look spectacular.
As for faux leather skirts, they always go perfectly with blouses. An ideal outfit for wearing to the office, but it also works well if you’re just going out with friends.
Faux leather clothing is extremely versatile and offers unlimited possibilities for creating outfits that are either casual or more formal, depending on the occasion. Make it a wardrobe stable this season and don’t be afraid to add some colour to your looks!
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