When it’s finally time to switch out your boots for a breezy pair of sandals… your favourite trainers for your favourite Havaianas… When your skin is begging for a bit of Vitamin D and your feet are itching to breathe, far from laces and zips, that’s when your trusty Havaianas come to the rescue! To give you the fresh air you need! To give your feet what they’ve been desperately in need of: freedom!
Havaianas have been gaining in popularity since they were first created on the Brazilian coast more than 50 years ago, in 1962. The name “Havaianas” comes from the Portuguese word for "Hawaiians", referring to residents of the state of Hawaii. This particular sandal model was originally based on Japanese Zōri, featuring a sole made of rice straw— hence the texture of the Havaianas’ sole, which originated from this grain in honour of the Japanese footwear that inspired the very first model.
Little by little, Havaianas became more popular across the Brazilian population, to the point where the government even included them in the list of basic necessities. Seems crazy, right? In the ‘90s, the brand made the jump to the international fashion scene, which is why these famous beach sandals can be found in more than 60 countries.
Did you know?: At first, Havaianas sandals only came in blue and white! A manufacturing error resulted in a green and white batch. This model was a huge success throughout the local population, and what started out as a failure in production ended up becoming an opportunity and opened the door to the wide range of colours that would follow. Nowadays you can find these sandals in practically any colour you want. So you can wear them with your favourite beach and pool outfits, to go for a walk or whatever suits you best!
At Pull&Bear, you’ll find models of Havaianas sandals for women and men in a variety of colours ranging from the more classic shades to the most daring. You can even find them in metallic tones, like silver or gold. Create your Winter looks by pairing your favourites with airy shorts or Bermudas and a colourful top.
Besides, once you discover how great Havaianas go with licensed Mickey Mouse, Rick & Morty and NASA merch, you won’t be able to resist buying a pair. The hard part will be deciding on just one pair!
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