Cowboy boots

Do you enjoy Westerns? Are you one of those people who can't get enough of the bar brawls between the bandits and the town sheriff? Pay homage to Western films and all their greatness by adding a pair of cowboy boots to your wardrobe staples. You’ll rock the look!
It’s time to bring out the cowgirl in you. The Texan look is back and through the return of cowboy boots, it has become one of the hottest trends this season, riding its way onto our wish list. The characteristic round, wide heel which slants slightly inwards, the pointed toe, the finish around the top of the boot and the intricacies of its design fill this style of footwear with personality, and it will take the leading role in any look.
Cowboy boots captivate us with their boldness and win us over with their exquisite finish. The mix of materials, the colour combinations, the embroidery, the metallic detail, the stitching, the animal prints... All these elements make these boots one in a million. Only with cowboy boots can you have this level of detail; it's the secret to their success. We can’t deny our love for them!
And if you are looking for a winning combination, look no further: cowboy boots with skirts and dresses. Style satisfaction guaranteed! And this includes all different types: mini skirts, midi skirts, long dresses, boho dresses, sheer fabrics, faux leather, flower prints, plain colours, denim fabrics... We are huge fans of these combinations. However, trousers are also a great friend of this country style par excellence, so you can wear them with your jeans (a classic combo), with your cropped trousers, your culottes, or a pair of slouchy jeans. Let your imagination run wild!
But there is one small risk when adopting this style: going too far. As we mentioned previously, cowboy boots have enough personality to be the star attraction of your outfit, so if you choose a pair which really stand out, take care that the rest of your look is more understated to avoid looking over the top. For example, if you opt for a printed dress, or one with a floral design, go for boots with just one or two colours at the most. If your boots combine various colours and are more decorative in style, it’s best to choose an outfit with basic colours and classic lines.
Go get that look, cowgirl! So take a ride around the Pull&Bear collection, put on those cowboy boots and stomp your way into the season! see more See less