Women's straight trousers

There is a wide wide variety of women's straight trousers: you can find them in many styles, prints and colours. If you are still not clear on what straight trousersare, you should know that it is a type of garment with a shape that does not vary between the waist and the ankle; the cut, as the name suggests, goes straight along the entire length of the trousers. This type of trousers is characterised by a more formal use, although it is also possible to find them in jeans for a casual look.

What kind of trousers are there?

Before you get a pair of straight trousers, you should know that there are many types of trousers and which ones suit your body type.
Skinny. These are straight trousers but they are tight on the leg up to the ankle. They are also known as skinny and you can find them in any fabric, although they are the star of denim and leather. This type of trousers flatter the silhouette, as they define the legs.
Flared. They are characterised by being straight and tight to the knee and then widen like a bell. They are not recommended for short people, as they dwarf them.
Palazzo. These are a type of straight, but the width of the leg is XL. Palazzo trousers are characterised by the fact that they are made of voluminous fabrics; the volume is so great that it seems that the trousers are actually a skirt. They have been famous since the 70s, although they come back in fashion every now and then.
Baggy. These are airy and usually with colourful prints. They are oriental-inspired.
Cargo. You can find them in straight or wide format and they are characterised by their many pockets. They are inspired by men's military uniforms. They are usually in neutral or earth and green colours.
Boyfriend. These trousers are in a boy's style, but with adaptations to the female silhouette.
Capri. There are women's straight trousers, but with a length ranging from mid-calf to ankle length. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy were some of the celebrities who made them fashionable.

What type of trousers suit you best?

The type of trousers that suit you best depends on your body type. The secret is not in the size, but in whether they are straight or flared, denim or formal trousers for an important meeting. This also depends on your silhouette, as not all types of trousers suit all bodies.
For slim women, for example, the best alternative is trousers that emphasise the figure and create a curvy effect. For this, it is best to choose trousers made of leather or satin fabrics that help to highlight the curves of the body, as well as with embellishments on the pockets. The idea is to create volume to highlight the silhouette.
If you are tall, then straight skinny, without being tight, are your best ally. In addition, you can also opt for high-waisted trousers and/or trousers with a turn-up at the ankle. What if you are short? Then straight or narrow trousers with a long cut are recommended the most; it doesn't matter if they are tight-fitting or not.
And what if you're curvy? Many women with curves think that jeans are the only thing that suits them. Wrong. Straight trousers can also be your ally if you know which ones to choose. If you have a large posterior, then you're looking to disguise it. How to do it? The best is to choose trousers that have big pockets in that area; however, if you are short, then it is best to use straight trousers for women with pinstripes.
High or low rise? One of the questions many women ask is whether straight trousers are better with a high or low rise. It all depends on your body type. For short women, high waists are best, as they create the optical effect that the legs are longer and slimmer. The downside? It emphasises the posterior. However, if you're tall, low-rise trousers are best, as they emphasise your hips and make you more voluminous (as long as you have narrow hips). The only downside of low rise trousers is that they give the impression that your legs are shorter.
We also advise you to be careful with hems, volume and pockets. If you get a pair of straight trousers, make sure they don't have a hem at the end, as these will only make you look shorter than you are. On the other hand, trousers with darts and pockets on the sides also make you shorter and visually make you look wider. If you wear trousers with pockets at the back, they will emphasise the posterior.

The colours of the trousers

The colours and prints of the straight trousers also play an important role. If you are tall and slim, trousers in light and bright colours are best. You can also wear clothes in printed and patterned fabrics that thicken your legs and give you more body.
If you are short and/or curvy, then it's best to go for trousers in dark shadesand plain fabrics. This type of model slims the figure and makes the legs look slimmer and longer.

Women's straight cut trousers, how to combine them?

If you still don't know how to combine your straight trousers, you should know that you have endless possibilities. It all depends on the type of style you want to wear, because straight trousers can be used in your day to day life and for all kinds of engagements. A party? A day at the office? Straight trousers will be your best ally.
The advantage of straight trousers, whether they are jeans or soft fabric/wool, is that you can combine them with anything. For more formal occasions, a nice shirt. If you want a formal look, then a plain shirt in neutral tones like white, black or blue. If you're looking for a relaxed look, then printed shirts. For less formal occasions you can opt for plain or printed T-shirts and add an extra touch of elegance with a blazer. Informal look? Go for a sweatshirt.
As for footwear, for more formal occasions and if you want to show off your figure, go for a pair of high heels. A date with friends or a comfortable day at the office? Then a nice pair of white or black trainers. Don't forget to use basic accessories such as belts. see more See less