Flared trousers

There are some trends that, just like boomerangs, make a comeback in the fashion scene from time to time. This is the case for women’s flared trousers. The hallmark of hippie fever in the ‘60s and ‘70s along with tie-dye prints (which, by the way, are also back in fashion); in the 2000s they returned with long, extreme flares. And now they’re back again, with gusto.

The reign of skinny trousers, which our wardrobes are full of, is now leaving space for other types of designs which are coexisting in harmony. Now variety is queen, and it’s going to bring some dynamism to your everyday looks.

The bell-bottom trousers that have come back into fashion this year feature a style that is more similar to the hippie aesthetic than their last visit to our wardrobes in the 2000s. Their length is moderate compared to last time, and there are even some ankle designs. The width of the flare is also more restrained, favouring comfort and functionality.

The silhouette of women’s bell-bottom trousers is also similar to that of the ‘60s and ‘70s: fitted to the knee and widening further down, a very flattering design, as it makes the figure more slender. And although the shape is similar, what has changed is the way to wear and combine them.Women’s bell-bottom jeans are still a favourite, but fabrics have diversified making way for all sorts of designs. From corduroy to the most flowing fabrics, both printed and monochrome.

Evasé cut trousers are also on trend, a design that can be categorised as bell bottom. This is a flared cut but without being fitted on the thigh, and with a loose drop from the waistband to the hem. We also love this reinterpretation and it is one of the most flattering.

When it comes to styling your women’s bell-bottoms, you’ve got plenty of options. If you go for a denim design, choose a sweater or loose blouse for the top to create balance for your look. Colours? Anything you like! Everything goes with jeans.

For a day at the office, go for a white design with a basic black cardigan and platform sandals to give it a touch of freshness. A check print blazer will provide a touch of elegance . For a free and easy look, choose a pair of printed women’s bell-bottom trousers. Animal print is a winning choice. Finish it off with a T-shirt featuring a slogan and you’ll be ready to go out for a drink with friends.

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