Women's Cargo Trousers

When fashion brings us trends that, apart from being stylish, are comfortable and functional, we can't help but embrace them with enthusiasm. This is the case with women’s cargo and parachute trousers, that seem like they’re designed to make life easier with their countless pockets and baggy design. Cargo-style trousers were initially conceived as a utilitarian and comfortable garment for daily use. Their storage capacity and relaxed fit are good proof of this. That’s why we associate this trouser concept with informal looks and a casual style. However, perhaps because of their functionality and versatility, these designs are being sought out by all kinds of celebrities and names in fashion.
Paired with the right pieces, these trousers are much more versatile than you’d think—you can even wear them for more formal events. Cargo trousers were the original garment when this trend appeared, and since then it has moved out to other categories like shorts, skirts and even gilets. And this isn’t surprising, because it’s a style with so much utility and practicality. So many pockets and loose lines make these garments ideal companions for days when we feel like being comfortable without sacrificing fashion.

Want to find out how to combine your parachute or cargo trousers?

Listen up! This type of garment is generally popular for more casual looks. You’ll usually find these trousers in earth brown, beige, camel and khaki colours. Therefore, you can choose your top in one of these colour palettes to match your women's cargo trousers. And, of course, there are blacks and whites. Another safe bet is to include a piece that features a camouflage print in your outfit. Cargo and parachute trousers look great in that print! That’s why opting for military-style black boots is also a good idea. To finish off your women’s cargo trousers, go for a belt with an automatic buckle—this season they’re partners in crime! In camouflage designs or in black to contrast with your trousers.
And because rules are made to be broken, use your cargo or parachute trousers for a more dressed up look, because it's not all about informality! For example, throw on a camisole top and some heeled sandals on your feet. If you can, include a studded accessory, like a bag or a belt, and lastly, a black biker jacket. A powerful combination! There won’t be a single look you can’t achieve with your women’s cargo trousers, from the most casual and informal everyday looks to the most sophisticated for more special occasions. Just leave it to Pull&Bear! see more See less