Women's varsity hoodies

The sporting world and university world have collided in the latest trend: women's varsity sweatshirts are in fashion. We can see that in the Pull&Bear catalogue. We wanted to take yet another risk and make it clear that you don't have to choose between style and comfort – you can have both. The reason for this is that anyone who feels good on the inside is going to transmit this on the outside.
Similarly, bearing in mind that every person is a mini world, women's varsity sweatshirts are all very different, coming in a wide range of colours, elements and styles. As we all know, a hoodie is not the same as a V-necked sweatshirt. Yellow does not give you the same feelings as pink. The same is true of the images or words that might appear on the front or back of clothing. But what can you actually find in Pull&Bear? We have analysed lots of different designs so you know how to pick and match the one that makes you feel best.

Women's varsity sweatshirts: the latest trend

Women's varsity sweatshirts have loads of personality and can be adapted to a range of styles and situations. They're ideal for hanging out with friends, going to class, shopping trips or going to work. It all depends on where each person likes to be. You can find lots of different models in Pull&Bear. Each one has been designed bearing in mind that every woman is a mini world and has her own tastes. They've therefore been designed in different styles and in lots of colours so they can adapt to every person. But be warned: it'll be hard to choose when you see how many options there are. They include:
  • Hoodies
  • Drop-shoulder sweatshirts
  • Fitted sweatshirts
  • Sports sweatshirts


These sweatshirts with hoods are the finishing touch, bringing something different to the overall look. They're also an important factor for women who feel more protected from the cold when they wear this type of garment. They go perfectly with jeans or an informal skirt, and either trainers or boots could be worn with them. This style includes the Boston varsity sweatshirt, the California sweatshirt or the varsity hoodie.

Drop-shoulder sweatshirts

Drop-shoulder sweatshirts are very original as they have a balloon sleeve effect on the arms. As a result, they become a garment that looks both sporty and smart at the same time. Depending on the colours, they can be paired in different ways. For example, the pink sweatshirts, such as the pink sweatshirt with a red graphic, is perfect for wearing with a black ruffled skirt. On the other hand, the original sweatshirt, which features a mixture of brown tones, goes perfectly with wide-leg trousers in beige or black. This way, you can achieve a very original look, full of contrasts.

Fitted sweatshirts

Women's fitted varsity sweatshirts are to show off a smarter style, while still being informal and comfortable. For example, the contrast varsity sweatshirt is perfect for matching with some dark blue jeans. If the jeans are fitted too, you could wear them with some knee-high boots. However, if you're looking for a more casual look, you could go for some wider jeans that will match perfectly with some trainers. The colour depends on the shade of the sweatshirt: if it's green, the trainers could be green too, although some may choose a more eye-catching shade, like red. The Harvard varsity sweatshirt features a cute, original logo which makes it the perfect match for shirts.

Sports sweatshirts

While sweatshirts are always associated with sporting events, some stand out more than others in this regard. This is the case with the Arizona patch varsity sweatshirt, which has a simple, comfortable design and is perfect for days when you feel like a more neutral look. This garment is ideal for wearing with jeans and T-shirts that don't stand out in terms of their style or colour. The contrast varsity sweatshirt can play the same role here as before, and is perfect for bringing some colour into your face thanks to its shade of green. It could be worn with some white or beige trousers.
To summarise, women's varsity sweatshirts are perfect for making you feel good and comfy, and can be adapted to a wide range of situations. They can be matched with all kinds of garments. You only have to analyse the style and colour to pick the ideal look. see more See less