Women’s oversized sweatshirts

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving: garments that were considered must-haves 6 months ago could already be at the bottom of your wardrobe because, just as trends change, our tastes do too.
But although many styles are transitory, there are some that are here to stay: women’s oversize sweatshirts are an example of these. Below, we’ll give you all the information on how to combine them and what with.
But before diving straight into this trend, it is important that you know that, as with any fashion, the secret of success is in knowing how to combine garments and choose those that suit both your body and your personality. Remember! Fashion is one more form of expression, so don’t hide behind it, use it to stand out as you are.

Types of oversize sweatshirts

Within this style of sweatshirts, you can choose between oversize hoodies or sweatshirts, or have both kinds in your wardrobe, to wear the one you feel like depending on the occasion. In the same way, it’s not just colour that’s important, but deciding whether to opt for an oversize model in basic shades or take a risk with prints, the true stars of any outfit.

How do I combine a women’s oversize sweatshirt?

As you have seen, the type you choose is important, but how you combine it is even more so. Below, we give you some tips.
With some skinny jeans: a classic that never fails, with this outfit you’ll achieve the perfect balance and pull off a casual, simple look ideal for day to day life. And above all, super comfortable!
With mom jeans: to achieve the perfect nineties style and get an outfit that’s elegant, as well as simple, you can wear a printed sweatshirt, your favourite mom jeans (that is, jeans with a high waist) that give a vintage feel, and a belt.
With some shorts: if the weather is nice and you want an even more casual look, there’s no question. Ideal for the beach, a warm evening or for taking a walk, you can combine a sweatshirt with shorts in a thousand ways. If you go for denim, the look will be more informal, while if you choose something more formal, for example, in black, you’ll have a touch more sophistication.
With a pencil skirt: combining oversize sweatshirts with pencil skirts is a great option, breaking the sobriety of the skirt with the relaxed feel of the wide sweatshirt at the top.
Remember, all these trends exist so that you can choose the one you like best and make it yours. You don’t have to follow everything to the letter, not even what we’ve told you here... Just experiment and have fun!
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