Your favourite women's licensed sweatshirts

Series and films, the world of cinema in general, have always had a special place in any stage of our lives. We've learned and lived through them. When we were little, Disney taught us to develop empathy, showing us what was meant by love, sadness, friendship, pain... Who hasn't been on a rollercoaster of emotions watching The Lion King? The Marvel films taught us about bravery and kindness, how to exceed ourselves in an attempt to save the world.
At Pull&Bear we know how important these series and films are to you! That's why we have brought out our collection of women's merchandised sweatshirts featuring all your iconic cartoons, series and films.

Your favourite series sweatshirts will set the trend!

One of the sweatshirts not to be missed out on in our collection is the Sex Education series sweatshirt. The most open-minded and educational school in all of Netflix couldn't be left aside! At Pull&Bear we have immortalised the most powerful moments, with exclusive designs. Get your Maeve side out with our women's Sex Education sweatshirts!
Choose the jeans you know will never let you down, a basic T-shirt and finish off your outfit with some white trainers... You'll have the ideal canvas to enhance the effect of your Sex Education sweatshirt!
We couldn't leave out another of the most popular series in the world from our collection. Money Heist! It doesn't matter if you're more sentimental like Nairobi or more strategic like the Professor, you will identify with any one of our exclusive women's Money Heist sweatshirt designs.

Your favourite artists, with you at all times

There's even more! What else gets us going besides series and films? Of course we couldn't leave out your favourite artists and bands, old and new. The biggest bands in the history of music, like Gun N'Roses, share the stage with the best artists of now! Are you more trap or indie? Show that you're a true fan wherever you go!To complete your outfit for any of the sweatshirts of your favourite series, films, cartoons, superheroes or artists, all you have to do is choose the right accessories that you're going to wear... Put your own style into your outfit and be like your idols!
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