Women's partywear

Going out gives you the chance to wear those clothes you’ve been gazing at with desire every time you open your wardrobe. You want to put them on, but you can’t today... I can’t wear this gorgeous bodysuit to class... This dress is too fancy for the office... These trousers are perfect, but I’m saving them for a special occasion. Fantastic! That magical time of the year is finally here, so get your party outfits ready, because it's time to show them off!

The perfect party outfit for every occasion

Whether it's a wedding day, graduation or just a weekend, the first classic staple is the dress, in all its shapes and forms. The mini dress is the most popular right now due to the immense sense of freedom it gives you; in fact, a mini dress is the #1 way you can level up your look this season!
Front necklines have gradually been losing ground to back necklines, and nowadays both are equally prominent features of our dresses. Necklines that leave your shoulders uncovered, such as boat cuts or Bardot styles, are also on-trend this season. Flowing silhouettes are claiming territory in our wardrobes. A good example of this is the camisole dress, which is currently a very popular choice for any party.
Two-piece sets allow you to mix and match to your heart’s delight. A classic that never fails is jeans and a blouse. Recent trends in jeans give you a wide range of options to choose from: skinny jeans to culottes, flared jeans to a tailored fit. In these pairings, the blouse is the focal point for the party look. Choose an eye-catching style, such as prints, multiway designs, lace trims or ruffles. Embroidered or V-neck blouses will also fit perfectly into your outfit.
Another great choice are combinations with shirts and, above all, with bodysuits—they’re comfortable, versatile and the most flattering, as they adapt to your figure and highlight your shape.

Trendy colours for your party looks

In terms of colours, red has traditionally been the star of party dresses, but don't be afraid to try new colours in your going-out look! Camel, russet, ochre and burgundy tones can be excellent dance partners. If you're feeling bold, go for brighter colours like pink, green, yellow... or go for prints or patchwork designs, do you dare?
Finally, to top off your outfit, high heels are the most stylish shoes among the more classic looks, although trainers are also making inroads for their comfort. But if you’re someone who can tolerate heels, go ahead and choose different colours and prints for your party shoes. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, opt for a pair of platforms that will allow you to dance the night away. Oh! And don't forget your bag! It adds the perfect finishing touch to your party look. see more See less