Wide-leg jeans

Sometimes, choosing an outfit or going shopping can be a tricky task. Plenty of factors can influence your decision, and we understand the importance of choosing a good garment, something flattering that you like and that makes you feel self-assured. But what’s most important of all is that you feel at ease and comfortable in your clothing, and in that aspect wide-leg jeans definitely fit the bill.

Features of wide-leg jeans

This type of jeans has a different design compared to what we’ve been used to seeing in recent years. This model moves away from the familiar skinny, fitted and tight trousers that outline your figure and are sometimes neither flattering nor comfortable. Wide-legs jeans have a wide, loose design that is extremely fetching and that promises to become a big trend.
The cut of wide-leg jeans is fitted at the waist and widens as it approaches the floor. You’ll find various different lengths: ankle, above-ankle and floor-length, covering part of the footwear.
At Pull&Bear you’ll also discover an extensive range of shades. Choose between light to dark shades depending on what you’ll be doing. Dark shades slim the legs and are easy to match with other garments, making them a safe bet.

How to match wide-leg jeans

As we’ve seen, this type of trousers gives you lots of different options for creating everyday outfits and you can choose between countless upper garments, opting for a more formal or casual final look. Short sleeve basic T-shirts and tops go really well with this type of trousers because they contrast with the wide leg of the jeans. In the colder months, sweaters are the ideal garment.
And when it comes to footwear, many different models perfectly match this style of trousers. You can also achieve different styles depending on the type of footwear you choose, sportier with some trainers or smarter and more formal with platforms or heels.
Wide-leg jeans are on trend and promise to be one of the most popular garments this season.
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