Have you ever noticed how some earrings completely change your face, just like magic? You look in the mirror and something’s different. Since they're the piece of jewellery that’s closest to your face, you can play around with them and see what happens. Just like with clothes, not all earrings look the same in every circumstance.

This is mainly true when it comes to larger women’s earrings, which are the most popular kind right now, by the way. We like maxi earrings, the kind that really stand out in a look, just like a statement party dress or a jacket would.

We wear large and long earrings— sometimes they even go past our shoulders. As for which motifs are the most popular, lately we're seeing a lot of nature-themed designs: flowers, leaves, stars, feathers, shells, etc.

Wearing earrings that are from the same set but mismatched is also in style. How? Easy: the same material, same colour, same style, but a different design. And those that combine geometric shapes in eye-catching arrangements are hugely popular: triangles with squares, rectangles with spheres or circles on top of circles. There are so many possibilities.

A classic that never fails is the hoop earring. In gold or silver, whichever you prefer. The great thing is that there are so many different designs now that you have a wide range of options in terms of size, texture, or decoration. If you’re a fan of this type of earring and you have more than one piercing, you can place different earrings in a row, from large to small. Pull&Bear’s online collection has packs that are perfect for this. Mix it up and pair small earrings from the same set too.

When choosing the best earrings for your outfit, bear in mind that they shouldn’t only match the rest of your jewellery, but also other factors that come into play: your hairstyle, your makeup (if you’re wearing any) and the colour and fit of your clothes. You probably wouldn't wear the same earrings with a low-cut dress as you would with a halterneck blouse.

Little by little they've become an important part not only of jewellery, but also of styling overall. Any simple look can be improved by including a sparkling pair of earrings, which, by the way, have become a must-have accessory that you can’t miss out on.
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