Women’s hats and beanies

When we put together our outfit we often forget that there is an incredible blank canvas for accessories right there on top of our shoulders. We’re talking about our head of course. From the neck down, everything's under control. But remember that caps and hats for men can add something really different to your look, as well as being very practical.
Men’s caps were originally designed for keeping the sun out of our eyes, as well as for protecting our scalp on sunny days. Men’s hats, on the other hand, were for keeping us from getting cold. Did you know that we lose a large proportion of our body heat through our heads? However, through the years they have become much more than just a tool to combat severe weather. They have become one more accessory, and the perfect one to add a bit of personality to your outfit. What’s more, they’re not just to be worn according to the weather; you can wear them all year round. There are guys who see them as another element of their outfits, and those who aren’t so familiar with the look, but after you see our huge selection in Pull&Bear, we are certain we can convince you.
In our collection of men’s caps you will find not only the latest styles, but also caps for those more suited to a classic look. Your style can change a lot according to the type of cap that you wear. We have curved peak caps and men’s flat caps, baseball caps and five panel caps, or even caps with mesh at the back. Find your own style in basic colours, or try one with our colour combinations. Choose a plain coloured style, or one with a pattern. Logos or embroidery, patches or prints.
With our men's wool hats you’ll have the chance to try on the most varied styles. A wide range of plain colours to match perfectly with the rest of your outfit, or stripes to liven up your look in basic colours. We also offer ribbed knit hats for men, in both fine and chunky knit, so you can alternate them as you like. As with the caps, you will also find details such as patches, labels, embroidery or colour contrasts.
Combine your accessories with oversize sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as more formal styles, to mix up your look. They will go perfectly with one of your plain shirts buttoned up to the top, but also with something like a synthetic wool coat. As you can see, with one single accessory, you can create a wide range of styles.
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