Trousers for men

One day you go to your wardrobe and you realise that all of your trousers look the same. Don’t panic! If this has also happened to you, don’t worry, you won’t have to get rid of your clothes (although, if you’re already there, you could take a look, just in case). You just have to get some highlights for your trouser collection and you’ll see how things suddenly look different.
For the stragglers, we have some news: the men’s trouser world isn’t just jeans. We agree, we're also eternally grateful for the jeans that have been there a thousand times to save us on indecisive days, but don’t feel like you’re being unfaithful if you mix it up a little bit.
Let’s start with an option that's super popular and comfortable: joggers, those trousers that are inspired by tracksuit bottoms (maintaining all of their freedom of movement), but with touches of chino trousers. They're the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. The secret is in their elasticated waist and adjustable drawstrings. Some models also have elasticated cuffs, and in those cases, picking the right shoe is crucial. Joggers are one of those men’s fashion trends that can be used to create all kinds of looks: They're great with a T-shirt, a sweatshirt or with a shirt and knit sweater.
Next up are tailored fit trousers, an option with more classic lines but a very modern twist. What have traditionally been known as men’s smart trousers are now back in the spotlight. This cut has more options and now you can wear them with trainers or shoes. Wear them with a basic T-shirt tucked in, a belt, your bomber jacket and you’ll be ready for anything.
And what about men’s chino trousers? They're another must-have for your wardrobe. Just like tailored fit trousers, they've also been reinvented to remain among the latest trends. Don’t think of them like your dad’s classic suit trousers and try this combination: dark brown cropped chino trousers, high-top trainers with a caramel sole and a sweater with Christmas latticework. An updated classic!
And if you’re looking for trendy men’s trousers, don’t forget about cargo trousers. Inspired by (and originating from) the military, this style is perfect for when you want to dress comfortably. Their main characteristic is their large number of pockets, but remember! That doesn’t mean that they're only for sporty looks. You could even pair them with your most elegant blazer, with a T-shirt or a shirt underneath. Equal parts comfortable and modern.
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