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Swim shorts for men

Over the past few months, how many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about leaving the office, putting miles between you and your work desk, escaping the daily humdrum and, at long last, sinking your bare feet into the soft beach sand? The answer is… umpteen times! We’ve prepared a selection of men’s swimming trunks so that all you have to do is throw them in your suitcase, and you’re ready to make a splash!
Days spent tanning under the sun, afternoons by the beach bar, strolls along the beach and playing volleyball in the sand… All these moments await your best summer look. Bear in mind that there will be many a time when all you’re wearing are your swimming trunks—they’ll be the only piece of clothing that expresses your individuality, so you’d better choose the perfect pair! The good news is that, thanks to Pull&Bear’s vast collection of men’s swimming trunks, you’re sure to find the pair that best suits your style and personality.
If you prefer to keep things simple, we suggest you go for our plain and basic designs. You simply can’t go wrong with those. Featuring an elastic waistband, drawstrings and pockets for optimum comfort; and of course, they’re available in a wide range of colours so that you can pick your favourite. A fail-safe and flattering bet, which colour takes your fancy? If you’d rather they incorporate some sort of detail, you’ll also find designs with slight hints of colour, such as side stripes or a combination of two different tones.
So far, we’ve gone over the most classic options. However, men’s swimwear has diversified quite a bit over the years and incorporated some groundbreaking, bold designs. If you’re a fan of prints, our collection will blow you out of the water, never better said. It is a known fact that the fabric used on swimming trunks is one of the most suited to feature all kinds of patterns.
Summery details are such a classic , from some good old palm trees to beachy motifs such as beach sandals, fish and sunglasses. Striped swimming trunks are another tempting option, you can even mix things up with our selection of surf-inspired prints. Textures that will take you to the underwater world.

Don’t forget the rest of your summer ensembles: in line with current beach trends, men’s swimming trunks serve as the perfect canvas for injecting a dose of summer into your outfits! Basic T-shirts, open floral print shirts and sandals are the perfect combo.
And there you have it! Now you’re set to relish contemplating a beautiful sunset by the beach, to feel the waves crashing at your feet, and to let the sand slowly run through your fingers. see more See less