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Checked shirts for men

Since it first appeared in your wardrobe, the checked shirt has never left, becoming a key item in your closet. It comes in different shapes, colours, prints and styles, but let’s be honest, you always have one. The truth is, the checked shirt is cosy and warm, it makes us feel at home. Your faithful companion for day-to-day life and various events—you’re looking for some more to complete your collection, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Men’s check shirts come in all different styles, from the most classic to the most cutting-edge. It all depends on the fabric, the shape of the shirt, the colour and the size of the check.
In general, the checked shirt gives your outfit a relaxed look, associated with the well-known trucker look. That’s why it’s common to see it with worker-style outfits, paired with jeans, bulky boots, caps and baggy jackets.
Checked shirts have also often been associated with the aesthetic of certain musical styles. For a long time, rock, punk and even grunge fans have championed this type of clothing and they have already become a symbol of this. Black and red mainly prevail in shirts with large checks, as well as other dark colours like green or blue. Team with black trousers, some black boots and a sweatshirt or a leather jacket, and you’ll have instantly created your musical look. You can also pair it with a plain-coloured or perhaps a rock group T-shirt, and wear the shirt open as an overshirt.
Shirts with smaller checks are perfect for more formal outfits, like days in the office. With some chinos and your shirt either untucked or tucked in to show your belt, you’ll fit in perfectly with the established dress code. You could even wear some trainers instead of more formal shoes so that you’re more comfortable at the office.
Men’s checked shirts can even be paired with a suit jacket or blazer for more special occasions, or you can even wear them with a suit. Recent trends have shown that this combination is acceptable.
This style of shirt is a classic for winter. There’s nothing more comfortable or appealing than a check flannel shirt when the cold hits. However, it’s not exclusive to this time of year, you can also wear it on the hottest days. Not only by rolling up the sleeves, but also with short sleeve shirts.
In a nutshell, let’s say that checked shirts are our best friends for any occasion and at any time of the year. Long live checked shirts! see more