Men’s slim fit jeans

Our men’s slim fit jeans fall somewhere between two very well-known jean styles. On one hand, you have the slim fit, which could be described as a more or less straight cut, classic jean, but a little tighter at the top of the thigh. The clue is in the name: the fit is slender and tight. On the other hand, you have your skinny fit, which refers to how they adapt to your body’s shape, flattering your figure. So our version of men’s slim fit jeans features the classic straight cut that simultaneously conforms to the body’s shape, lending a more tailored look.
The advantage of a virtually straight cut is that these jeans will go perfectly with just about everything, whether for everyday use or a special occasion. What’s more, they’re designed to adapt well to just about any body type. While it may be true that skinny jeans aren’t well known for flattering wider leg types, these are designed to be fitted without giving you that “second skin” look—that is to say, they won’t look painted on, so you’ll feel a slight bit of looseness in the fit.
This design includes a wide range of jeans, from those with ripped knees to others boasting a more vintage style. They may include five pockets and may be more or less stretchy, meaning that the slim cut will fit better on your leg.
The so-called tapered jeans may also fall under the category “slim,” with the only real distinction being that they have a wider and slightly roomier waist, which lends them greater comfort. As for the finishes, they can be distressed, or in any colour or shade of denim, but always with that “slim” characteristic, embodying comfort. see more See less