Men’s light jackets

Men’s light anorak jackets are another trend we’ve borrowed from sports and technical clothing to incorporate into our streetwear looks. There’s been an explosion of styles in athleisure in recent years, as it’s become one of the leading trends for a generation of young people who use it for everyday wear.
However this trend is no longer exclusive to this demographic, but rather it has become more widespread, bringing with it all its benefits. The infinite comfort athleisure provides is one of those great benefits. Your jacket’s relaxed and comfortable fit will give you complete freedom of movement. And yet it’s still incredibly warm. As soon as you throw it on, you’ll forget about the cold. In addition, this jacket features water- and wind-resistant fabric. With a light anorak jacket, the weather can never spoil your good day. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that they’re trending right now.
This style of jacket has taken the fashion world by storm with a bright and varied colour palette. So if you love bright colours, you won’t have to wait until winter to add them to your outfits. In Pull&Bear’s collection, you’ll find anything from the most subdued hues—like black or navy blue—to the brightest, most cheerful colours, like yellow, pink and red. You’ll also find offerings in plain colours or in colour block designs, in which certain colours stand out more than others.
In general, you can count on your light anorak jacket to go well with your more relaxed, casual looks. You can wear it to work, to go for a walk or even for an impromptu meet-up.
We’ve got a few recommendations so you can be sure to wear your jacket with style: First, opt for some khaki cargo-style jogging trousers, with side pockets and elasticated hems. Then pair them with a light anorak jacket in a dark colour (black, for example) and let your T-shirt peak out slightly from the hem and neck. Top off the look with some black trainers with either a white or caramel contrasting sole. The elasticated hems will let you show off your socks, so be sure to pick a pair with a fun print. You can also add a chunky rib-knit beanie in black. This is just to give you an idea of what you could do, but the possibilities, of course, are endless.
Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t miss out on this season’s selection of light anorak jackets! Check them out now at Pull&Bear! see more See less