Men’s biker jackets

If there’s any item that encapsulates style and that was born as a sign of identity and a declaration of intent, it’s the men’s leather jacket. How many times have you seen it in films, in videos, on TV, in historical photos...? How many film and music icons have you seen wearing it? Don’t even try counting, the answer is: an infinite amount of times and an infinite amount of people.
What usually happens with this item is the following: if you don’t have it, you want it; if you do have it, you love it; and in general, you’re always looking in shop windows and keeping a close eye on online trends because you love being up-to-date (and while you’re at it, seeing if you need to update the one you have). Surely you still remember the first one you ever had. The day it made its debut as you stepped onto the street with a feeling of unshakeable security, feeling like a rebel without a cause, a film star from the ‘50s.
Today, many decades after the men’s biker jacket appeared for the first time, it’s still riding the crest of the wave and sparking our interest, although it is true that it has been redefined. Its main function is no longer to protect bikers from the cold or possible falls, but it has instead become a key part of men’s fashion. In any case, it’s a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion. A real investment to complete your wardrobe.
When it comes to choosing yours, the two most important aspects that you should bear in mind are that it fits your shoulders well, and also around the waist. And of course, that it’s comfortable. Once these requirements have been met, the men’s leather jacket will become one of the undisputed protagonists of your looks.
With it, you can create outfits for the office, for partying with your friends, for an afternoon of shopping or for a romantic meal out. Everything goes if you’re wearing your biker jacket.
For a simple look full of personality, take note. Go for a pair of black chinos and some black military-style boots. Pop on a high-neck khaki sweater and finally, your men’s leather biker jacket. If you want to copy the great on-screen legends, a pair of blue or black jeans and a basic white T-shirt will do the trick. Throw on your biker jacket and some black boots and you’ll feel like a star from the big screen.
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