Men’s sunglasses

If you're one of those people who is always up to date with the latest trends, and who is proud of their style, we’re sure you’re someone who gives accessories the attention they deserve. Among them, men’s sunglasses are the definitive stand-out accessory, and allow you to play around with your outfit as much as you like. You can give your look a completely new edge depending on the sunglasses you choose. They are no longer just an (important) accessory for protecting your eyes against the sun. They have become a true style statement.
In this section, the most important thing is to decide on whether you are more of a classic man when it comes to sunglasses, or whether you prefer to follow the latest men’s sunglasses trends. Our advice? Take inspiration from both and create a collection so you´ll always have various pairs to choose from. On days where you want to look more elegant, opt for round sunglasses with gold frames; if you prefer a more modern look which leans towards vintage, go for a pair with a double bridge; and when you're going for a more rugged style, try some aviators. It’s all a question of who you want to be that day.
At Pull&Bear we always have the latest trends available for you, in a range of the most fashionable materials, colours and shapes. Do you go for metal or plastic frames? Tortoiseshell is also a good option, or a mixture of metal and plastic. Combining these two materials is the perfect way to bring back that authentic look from the 1960s. Classic models tend towards square and round frames, although now geometric shapes, such as hexagons, are the latest up-to-date look for men’s sunglasses. The lenses generally come in a range of darker colours, such as black, grey, brown, blue and green. But the colour pallet just became even more extensive, with the introduction of mirrored lenses. And even multicoloured ones!
So you see, there is a wide range of style options for you. What about a super retro look? Try a brown corduroy jacket with a faux shearling lining, over a high neck sweater, accessorised with some wide framed men’s sunglasses, in tortoiseshell. And if you're also sporting a moustache, you’ll look like you’ve just stepped out of a 1980s detective series. Do you feel like adopting the '90s Britpop look? Take note: a pair of regular fit jeans, a basic white T-shirt worn under an open overshirt, white trainers and a bomber jacket. And lastly, some round framed men’s sunglasses with green lenses. People will be stopping you on the street for your autograph!
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