Unisex sweatshirts

Discover the collection of unisex sweatshirts. Made in different designs, colours and styles for combining how you like. The perfect solution for feeling comfortable always and everywhere.
We have basic kangaroo style hooded sweatshirts, round neck sweatshirts or sweatshirts with a zip and hood. Ideal for casual wear and for wearing with other more stylish outfits. A popular choice for cooler evenings.

An unbeatable selection of unisex sweatshirts

On-trend unisex sweatshirts are great for any time of year. In fact, they are made of top quality fabrics so they last much longer. They’re one of those pieces that adapt to the unisex style, as they can be easily worn by both men and women and define your personality.
Who doesn't have a sweatshirt in their wardrobe? Perfect for wearing round the house thanks to their timeless nature. A basic garment that's become more than just something to wear exclusively for sport. It has even moved on from being just a young person’s style. Now everyone can wear one!
Wear a white collared shirt underneath, but with a sweatshirt in a colour that really stands out. Opt for a unisex black or navy blue sweatshirt, colours that combine with anything.
If you know how to wear these unisex sweatshirts well, you can enjoy a regular look, with a modern, casual take. All our sweatshirts are easy to wear, from simple round neck designs to others with a zip and hood. Providing comfort and warmth whilst looking good.

How to combine a unisex sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are not just one of the most comfortable garments in your wardrobe. They are super versatile and can help you define your personal style. Opt for our affordable unisex sweatshirts, and create your own unique look.
Start by choosing a monochrome style. For example, a red unisex sweatshirt teamed with a pair of trousers or skirt in the same colour. Create a total outfit with just two basic items from your wardrobe. You can always add another garment in a different colour so the result doesn't look too uniform.
If you want to be a bit more daring, choose printed garments to go with your sweatshirt. Opt for a unisex sweatshirt in white, or any other colour. The result is striking without losing the feeling of comfort and well-being.
A sweatshirt is not just for looking casual, however. Wear it with a blazer, for example, and enjoy a much more classic and elegant style. A great option is the black unisex sweatshirt, a colour that always looks great with jackets.

Mix and match your unisex hoodies

In our unisex sweatshirt collection, there’s a wide range of hoodies. These are a fashion we normally associate with teenagers and young people. Sweatshirts are not just for them, however, and our collection is suitable for older men and women.
They can be worn in a variety of ways. One option is to wear one with jeans and trainers or even a pair of heels. If the weather is cool, wear a double-layer trench coat or a large coat. A leather jacket also allows you to have some fun with this garment.
A woman can even wear the unisex sweatshirt with a colourful skirt. It doesn't matter what colour sweatshirt you wear, as the combination will always suit your style and personality. However, for anyone looking for a more elegant style, a skirt in understated colours will really enhance your outfit.
A unisex sweatshirt is a basic garment that features in everyone’s wardrobe. We have a wide range of sweatshirts in different styles, colours and designs so you can choose the one you like the most or the whichever best suits your style. Wear them any time of the year and with whatever you wish. Feeling comfortable without compromising on elegance is easy thanks to our fashionable unisex sweatshirts. see more See less