Unisex clothing

In the world of fashion, clothing for men and women has always been clearly defined and there have always been two completely different areas. Pull&Bear would like to offer you a selection of unisex garments – in this range gender doesn’t matter when it comes to creating sensational outfits.

Unisex garments

You’ve almost certainly overheard someone in a store asking whether the T-shirt they’re holding is for men or women. Now, with Pull&Bear’s unisex T-shirts it’s no longer a problem because they’re suitable for everyone. In this category, you’ll find a wide selection of T-shirts: basic, monochrome, printed and with pictures… There are unisex T-shirts with a multitude of designs so you can choose the ones you like best!
Another option is unisex sweatshirts and hoodies, which are comfortable and easy to match with other garments, especially when gender isn’t a consideration.
For a sportier style, match them with joggers or jeans, and don’t forget some jewellery to complete your outfit and take your style to the next level.
Among the various unisex accessories hats were a must, especially during the colder months. Choose your favourite colours and alternate different models throughout the week. Match them with knitted garments such as sweaters and quilted jackets to keep warm in bad weather.
Gender roles disappeared a long time ago in the world of shoes, which is why you’ll find all kinds of trainers.
One of the biggest advantages of unisex clothing is that you can share garments so they give you far more matching options.
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