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Coloured Clothing for Men

The colours we use on our clothes are often a reflection of who we are; they help us to express ourselves and show off our own individual personalities and feelings. Surely there are colours that always remind you of certain friends or even a particular lifestyle...
That’s why we’ve designed the new 19.91 Colours collection at Pull&Bear—so you can express how you feel with your outfits any time you want, putting together the most creative and extravagant looks.

Here’s how to create your own looks with coloured clothes

Nobody knows better than you do how to put together your own best looks. However, depending on which pieces you pick, you’ll achieve different results that’ll reflect different moods, personalities or just ways seeing the world.
Pay attention to the overall tone of your looks; this way, you can achieve something new and unique that’ll define your style. Both men’s coloured T-shirts and sweatshirts are fairly easy to combine. Jeans are a pretty safe bet and go with just about any colour; but if you're a trendsetter, you can create your own outfits by adding men's 19.91 Colours coloured trousers to create some insane contrasts.
You can also finish off your perfect look with coloured trainers, pairing them with jeans or joggers in your favourite shades. This combination never fails, and we’re sure it’ll never go out of style.

Complement your most colourful outfit with men's accessories.

Accessories are the icing on the cake of today's outfits. Many times we can dress in something fairly basic, and only by choosing the right accessories are we able to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

Caps are no longer only used to protect us from the sun on the hottest days; now they’re also used as a fashion statement day or night. So you can experiment with our coloured caps to create an infinite number of combinations for any occasion.
For all these reasons, if you mix and match your coloured men's clothes correctly, you’ll be able to say a lot about yourself and slay your looks with the boldest and most innovative outfits. With 19.91 Colours, you now have limitless ways to express yourself. What are you waiting for? see more See less