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Men’s watches

For everything that we buy and for everything that we do, we make decisions that lead us to opt for one thing or another. Some choices are obviously more important than others, some require a little more thought, some are more far reaching and less spontaneous, and clearly we involve ourselves a lot more in some of them than in others. There are decisions which are very personal and say a lot about who we are. And within the category of decisions which aren’t of great significance, but which need to be taken seriously, is that of choosing your men's watch. We know that it's not a life-changing decision, but yes, we need to think carefully before buying one.
After all, this particular accessory usually involves a big investment. But we have some good news for you: with the watches in the Pull&Bear collection, you won’t need to go any further to get yourself a fashionable men’s watch. Our options are hard wearing and high quality, following all the latest trends in design, so you can just choose which one goes best with your style.
You’ll find watches that match your look perfectly. You can even create a small personal collection, wearing each one according to your outfit, and the occasion. Choose a sporty, digital model for a more laid back style, or one with understated, simple lines, with a metallic strap for more elegant attire. Or even one of our large watches for men, to really celebrate the latest trends.
As we’ve mentioned, the watch is no longer a purely functional tool; it is now a mark of identity, an emblem of your style, a reflection of your personality. The difference between wearing nothing on your wrist, and dressing it up with a watch, is key to creating the perfect end result for your look. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean. A watch can take an average look to full on perfection.
We have metallic straps, adjustable links, fabric material, leather effect or rubber varieties. Not only that, there are shiny or matte finishes, classic or daring colours, sporty, casual or elegant designs, digital or analogue... the possibilities are endless!
Achieve a perfect combination by matching your men's watch with other accessories, such as pieces of jewellery (rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants), your belt, a keyring and chain to attach to your belt loop, a neckerchief... you can master a unique look with your Pull&Bear accessories. see more See less