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Men’s Perfume

You know that feeling when you smell something, and suddenly you're transported to another place, or another time, with a certain person? It might just be for a second, an unexpected whiff of something. Maybe it’s not even the exact same fragrance. Our sense of smell is by far the most evocative. We’re able to feel exactly how we felt the first time we came across the smell. Our own aroma is so much a part of our identities, and through the scent of other people we can create memories of them. For all these reasons, choosing your own fragrance is no trivial matter. At Pull&Bear we understand this. That's why we created a collection of fragrances for men which you’ll want to be identified by.
Your choice of fragrance says a lot about you: who you are, what you like, how you identify yourself. It's your calling card, the first impression that you give people and the thing they’ll remember you by when you leave the room. So it’s worth spending a little extra time on creating positive memories, don’t you think? Feel identified by the impact you make on people. So, if you still haven't done so, make your way to our section of men’s colognes, where your signature scent is there waiting for you.
What’s more, we’ve created a catalogue that is easily adapted to your tastes, so you can choose different fragrances according to how you’re feeling. You’ll find your everyday fragrance (after all, once you’re captivated by a scent, there's little that can pull you away from it), but also a range of other options that you can wear according to your mood. A woody aroma, with hints of the ocean; floral with citrus notes; vanilla essence and amber; the sultry aromas of far off places; fresh or full bodied, sweet or sour. Whatever your favourite fragrance, you can find it at Pull&Bear.
There are also those who like to alternate their perfume depending on the season. They will go for a fresh men's fragrance during the spring and summer months, while in Spring and summer they prefer something more heady, something with a little more depth.
Your fragrance is one more style accessory, just like a carefully selected piece of jewellery, a hat which brings a special something to your outfit, or a pair of sunglasses that you have chosen to go with a certain outfit.
We dress for the eyes, but the sense of smell is also to be won over... so delve into our collection of men’s colognes and captivate people, not only with your look, but also with your fragrance. see more See less