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There are important milestones every year. The excitement of your birthday arriving, parties in your hometown, Christmas, or that Bank holiday in the middle of the month that makes your week shorter. As well as these and whatever your own favourite holiday may be, there is one key date in the calendar for every man, and it is this: The first day of the year you wear shorts. Your Bermuda shorts come back into your life when you put your winter clothes away and it marks the end of the cold season and the start of the summer. It’s what green-lights men’s summer outfits, beer gardens and weekend trips to the beach whenever you get the chance. Long live the heat, the holidays and summer clothes.
The arrival of our favourite season allows us to enjoy the garments we save for a few months every year: sandals, short sleeve shirts in bright and cheerful colours, Bermuda shorts, overshirts… That’s why we’re well aware that we need to make the most of our men’s summer looks. Turn your creativity on and start combining the items in your wardrobe in your head.
You’re going to spend the whole summer in Bermuda shorts, so you’d better get a few models for the 3 months you’re going to be wearing them. Denim ones, of course, are essential, so start with those. What colour do you like them in? A classic dark indigo, maybe light or faded ones… And because we love variety, what about the other basic colours we offer in our Pull&Bear collection? Black, beige, white, khaki, navy blue. To round off your collection, include a few bold colours: yellow, purple, turquoise… Why not?
Colourful shirts are one of the hallmarks for men’s summer outfits and give your looks a pop of colour, freshness and vitality. We love printed, short sleeve summer shirts, we can’t and won’t help it! The many designs in our collection will make you lose your mind because you’ll want them all.
You can’t go without this season’s sandals. Give your feet a break and free them with your summer shoes: Strappy sandals, technical ones, with cord details… Choose the ones that best suit your look. And of course, Havaianas in every colour.
Complete your short sleeve T-shirt collection too and get a denim jacket for those cooler summer nights.
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