Women’s coats and jackets

Bikers, parkas, three-quarter-lengths, checked, wool, leather, faux fur... face the cold with the collection of on-trend women’s coats and jackets. Choose your favourites!
At Pull&Bear you’ll find the coat you’re looking for to save all your outfits when the temperatures fall. We want to help you get to know the most iconic and timeless designs, perfect for keeping you warm without compromising on style.

Women’s coat and jacket styles.

Without a doubt, biker jackets are synonymous with irreverence, youth and freedom. Originating in the United States at the beginning of the last century, these jackets are also known as leather jackets.
Later, they crossed the continent together with the American pilots who fought in the Second World War. But it was undoubtedly Marlon Brando and James Dean who, with their blockbuster films, catapulted this attractive, versatile leather jacket into being an object of desire for the masses. Since then, the biker jacket has become a universal classic of men’s and women’s fashion. And it’s a must-have for your wardrobe!
The biker is one garment that goes well with everything and everyone. Its fitted, high cut is slimming, and you can wear it with jeans and trainers,as well as with mini skirts and shoes. In the stores you’ll find a huge variety of versions of this attractive women’s jacket: made of real or synthetic leather, in the traditional black or more daring colours; with canvas or plush linings, for colder or warmer temperatures; with zips, with rivets, combined with fur... The biker is eternal.
If you want a look that's both classic and cutting-edge, you can’t go wrong if you choose the biker.

Women’s coats to protect you from the cold

Anorak, parka, feather, down jacket... it doesn’t matter what you call it: when it comes to snow, this type of coat offers the best protection.
The anorak is characterised as a jacket (although it can come down to the knee) made of waterproof materials. It has a thick feather filling, to help you conserve heat when you’re at the mercy of the cold. The Inuit are well aware of its thermal efficiency, as these thick heavy jackets have kept them warm generation after generation in the icy Arctic.
Round here, we have also gladly adopted this warm and comfortable garment, as it’s not just practical but also attractive, and totally recognisable by its characteristic hood.
Wear it with comfortable ankle boots, gloves in cheerful colours and a wool scarf and set a trend.

A coat for every occasion.

Raincoats, bomber jackets, windbreakers, trench coats, blazers... There is a coat for every style, for every occasion, for every personality. Choose the ones that suit you best and make you feel protected based on your needs. In warmer climates, go for the stylish biker jacket, and in the colder months, down coats will help keep you warm. Whichever one you choose, go out and conquer the world with your warmth and your smile!
If you’re looking for a comfortable and elegant outfit for work, you can finish off your look by teaming a blazer with a shirt or blouse and trousers. It never fails!

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