Christmas gifts for women

The year is almost over and Christmas is approaching, so it's time to choose Christmas gifts for women. It’s true that getting a gift right is sometimes quite complicated, but knowing the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you want to give a gift makes it much easier.
When it comes to fashion, giving Christmas gifts for women is easier, as there are options for all tastes and all budgets. Whether it's a gift for someone close to you that you don't mind spending more money on, or a Secret Santa gift, the best option is somewhere among these Christmas gift ideas for women.

Mountain lover style

The mountain lover style for women features garments in earth, white and green shades. The garments and accessories in this winter collection stand out for their daring design ideal for spending time outdoors and making the most of life in nature.
These stand-out garments include flared trousers with a comfortable and simple cut for long walks in the countryside and mountains. Quilted gilets that can be combined with shirts or knitted sweatersare also eye-catching: an ideal outfit for a sunny day when it's not too cold.
Among mountain-lover style accessories for girls, fisherman hats stand out; they are very fashionable this season and perfect for protecting her head both from the sun and from the cold. Likewise, knee-high boots, especially in brown shades, are ideal for walking on uneven paths, as they have a very comfortable foot shape that provides great support.

Soft skater style

Among the best Christmas gift ideas for women we can highlight the soft skater style garments and accessories, with pastel colours and original, eye-catching designs.
Quilted gilets with shiny fabric and in white, blue and lilac shades, dominate this fashion style for girls, ideal for protecting against the cold this winter. This type of garment makes an ideal Christmas gift for girls who like to keep warm in the winter season, but prefer the comfort of wearing a looser-fitting garment.
Geometric print sweaters in various pastel colours that pair well with dark-toned, wide-cut jeans and skater-style trainers also stand out.
Among the accessories featuring as part of this style for girls, we would like to highlight bags with long handles in pink shades, woollen hats and scarves and even earrings and mobile phone cases with abstract motifs that add an original, striking touch.

Geek style

The geek fashion trend includes fashionable, attractive and highly desirable garments and accessories for girls who are passionate about technology. Perhaps one of the most outstanding characteristics of this style is the use of T-shirts with slogans that make reference to the world of computers: waistcoats, raincoats, printed bags and even caps.
These garments and accessories are all ideal gifts for girls who love modernity. This season's geek collection features jeans as the basic garment that can be easily combined with geometric print cardigans and waistcoats in green and turquoise shades, and straight-cut coats in bright colours, such as yellow. For a complete look you can add white trainers or sneakers, which can be combined with any colour.

Gamer style

Gamer style for girls is another trend this season. The winter collection includes parkas and quilted gilets to protect against the cold temperatures, anoraks with abstract designs that combine different colours, trousers with metallic fabrics and, for footwear, knee-high boots with block heels.
One of these garments may be a good Christmas gift for girls who love bright colours and cuts that are far from traditional, such as the flared trousers that have become so fashionable this year. Also interesting are accessories such as square bags that include a chain handle, with a markedly retro style.

Xmas Freak Style

Among our Christmas gifts for girls, garments and accessories from the Xmas Freak collection are absolute must-haves. A style that encompasses clothing designed with Christmas motifs, such as snowflake patterns, deer, trees and Father Christmas.
The Xmas Freak style for girls features all shades of green, as well as red and white in garments such as button-down cardigans, straight trousers with pockets and shearling coats.
Accessories for girls who love Christmas include printed socks, woollen hats and sweatshirts with deer antler and ear silhouettes, as well as earrings and scrunchies in the shape of twigs and conifer leaves.
In conclusion, choosing the best Christmas gift for women will depend on how well you know that special person, so that you can make the right choice. Among these collections of women's garments you are sure to find the one that best suits your gift ideas. see more See less