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Tailored trousers for women

The incredible evolution of fashion has meant designs have infinitely multiplied, which means we can choose what we like best from a vast catalogue of trends. There are so many different designs, with wildly varying inspiration and one style transferring onto another. This is what has happened with women’s tailored fit trousers, which feature a design that originates in men’s clothing that has been repurposed for women, and it’s become one of our favourite trends.
Women’s tailored fit trousers or tailored trousers feature a waist-high waistline and straight lines along the leg. Heaps of adaptations are based on this, which we group under the banner of “tailoring”.
There are so many reasons why we love this type of garment. The first reason is because women’s fashion has successfully worked out how to acquire markedly masculine lines to refresh and use to produce their own version of the design. Paradoxically, a very feminine style has been created using garments with a masculine feel, to the point that we now associate this aesthetic with a seductive feminine style rather than with men.
Another fantastic advantage they offer is their flattering cut. Accentuating the waist rather than the thigh means your figure looks slimmer and creates an effect that makes the legs appear longer. Add to this the fact that they’re remarkably comfortable, and you have more than enough reasons to snap up your own pair of women’s tailored fit trousers.
This garment can be the basis for creating lots of different outfits.
To go out on a winter’s afternoon, opt for black trousers with a paperbag finish. Choose a high neck T-shirt in a bright colour like yellow, deep blue or orange. In summer, go for sporty sandals; in cold weather, wear white platform trainers. Finish the outfit off with a comfortable crossbody bag.
strong>For a day at the office, wear tailored fit trousers featuring a mini check or pinstripe print. Choose a white blouse with a classic cut to follow on from the masculine touch in your look. Add an oversized black blazer. For a girly touch, slip on some black mid-heel ankle boots with a matching maxi bag.
When you’re going out to party, opt for some printed women’s tailored fit trousers. Pair them with a sheer blouse or a crop top to contrast with the masculine feel of the trousers. Add some big earrings and heeled sandals, and you’ve got a finished look.
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