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Women’s cropped sweatshirts

With the growing popularity of high-waisted jeans, skirts, leggings and other bottoms, it’s the perfect moment for the increasingly fashionable cropped sweatshirt.
You can create casual looks with your cropped sweatshirt, that are simultaneously comfortable, informal, and modern. Some of the most elegant and flattering are very simple: sometimes less is more.

Ideas for combining cropped sweatshirts

For example, you can achieve a casual look combining a cropped sweatshirt with some high-waisted trousers. Choose tight-fitting jeans that rise above the hips.
You can also wear distressed jeans to keep visual balance and bring an original touch to your outfit. If you want a different approach, combine it with some black leggings with a high waist. You can’t go wrong with black leggings, right?
Because of their unique style, women’s cropped sweatshirts are ideal for combining with other garments. Wearing these sweatshirts by overlapping different layers of clothing adds dimensions and interest to your outfits, and allows you to create a huge variety of different looks with the same garment.
For example, if you wear a cropped sweatshirt in a neutral shade over a long sleeved shirt and you combine it with some dark jeans, you’ll achieve a professional, clean look.
If you’re looking for a more daring style, combine your cropped sweatshirt with a high waisted black mini skirt and trainers in the same colour to give it a sporty feel. You can also combine it with a jumpsuit, mixing matching colours.

Cropped sweatshirt with accessories? Always!

Accessories and other embellishments always add interest and a special touch to your outfits. You can just use pendants, bracelets or earrings that match the colour-scheme and style that you want on each occasion.
Cropped sweatshirts are fun, smart, versatile and comfortable. Use the cropped sweatshirts in your wardrobe to create some of the above looks and wear them however you like, from a day at the office to lunch with friends.
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