Once upon a time, in a small and peaceful town. Its inhabitants went about their daily lives in a tranquil (and sometimes boring) state of normality. So far, pretty standard. We could be talking about anywhere in the world. However, one day, all of a sudden, strange things began to happen. Children who go missing without a trace, youngsters with supernatural powers, awful monsters and even an alternate dimension in this same town. We seem to be narrowing it down, don’t we? Indeed, it couldn’t be anywhere else but Hawkins.
Its paranormal phenomena have us glued to our screens, and that’s precisely why at Pull&Bear we’ve created an exclusive Stranger Things clothing collection for man and woman, for those who, like us, can’t miss a second of the adventures that this gang of teenagers keeps us entertained with.
Why do we love it so much? Maybe it’s the ’80s vibe, full of neon colours, with its bright reds and blues, the contrasts between light and dark, the locker rooms, the setting… We can’t pinpoint it, but whatever it is, we’re hooked. And now, you too can be part of Hawkins’ group of friends with your Stranger Things T-shirts.
One thing is for sure: when you see our designs, you simply won’t be able to resist! That legendary logo of the series is one of the main attractions, added to the most recognisable scenes, the faces of the characters or references to phrases and jokes that they share among themselves. Within the Stranger Things’ clothing collection for man and woman you can get T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, hoodies... Wear your Stranger Things clothes for so many different occasions and be the freakiest in the place.


For girls, on a day-to-day basis, you can wear one of our sweatshirts, some cropped jeans with raw-cut hems and a slightly flared leg, and some trainers with a chunky caramel sole and, to get even more into character, use one of the tote bags from the collection.
For boys, put on a wool hat, choose your favourite Stranger Things T-shirt, along with a pair of jeans and some comfortable boots. You can top off your outfit with your favourite patterned socks and a jacket.
The world surrounding this American fiction has already become a true icon of our generation. The series creators have managed to establish to a community of followers based around the 6 endearing characters. If you belong to this community, get yourself a Stranger Things sweatshirt, or any other item from our collection, and show off your fan status.
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