Hybrid garments, made from several pieces, are hugely successful within the fashion industry, and good proof of this is one of this year’s trends: the skort.
It may surprise you, but it’s true that this type of skirt is not an innovative garment. The use of skorts dates back to the beginning of the previous century, and their creation is closely related to sport.
Women began to use this type of skirt for playing tennis and golf, but today, its use has extended beyond sports.
Throughout the year, this design has reappeared with different versions. Some of them have the look of a skirt at the front and shorts at the back. Others are shaped like a skirt, but hide a pair of shorts underneath. There are thousands of varieties for everyone’s taste.

When to choose skorts and how to pair them

The best thing about skorts is that they are very versatile garments. Depending on the design and the prints you choose, you can wear it both day and night.
Among the many designs, sparkly or animal print skorts will always make you stand out, and are perfect for going to a special event or dinner, as well as for any other plans with your friends.
Black ones provide a more sophisticated and discreet touch to an already striking garment, so the contrast can be used for any occasion.
But if you don't know how to pair your skort... Don’t fret! We'll give you a few options that never fail.
If we go back to its origins, we can use it to create a sporty and casual look. Pair it with a sweatshirt, a denim jacket and some trainers.
This outfit is suitable for any time of the day. You can wear it go to to the cinema, the office, or even to an informal event.
On warmer days, pair your skort with some flat sandals or ballet flats, and your favourite basic T-shirt.
Do you want to flaunt a rocker and daring look? If so, opt for a black or red skort. You can choose plain or checked styles, or ones with silver studs.
As for the fabric, choose the one you feel most comfortable in. In this case, faux leather and leather-effect stand out.
Complete the style with a grey knit beanie, black boots and a T-shirt with your favourite band. You can also add a belt to the skirt to introduce an extra colour.
Remember that satin fabrics are perfect during the day. Pair your skort with a white blouse tucked in to show off your waist.
As for footwear, you can go for a pair of high-heeled sandals or the classic court shoes.

Must-have skorts for your wardrobe

As you’ve seen, the skort is a very comfortable garment that adapts to any situation. Unlike conventional designs, it offers us greater freedom of movement, so we can use it both for going to work and for going to a special event.
This season, the skort is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. There's no doubt you'll create some impressive looks with it.
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