Just like many of the great characters in literature and film who always shared their adventures with their faithful best friend and partner in crime—ready to help them out of all the trouble they got in—we could say that every girl has a best friend in her wardrobe who’s willing to lend a hand when she needs it the most: her favourite denim skirt.
Like those heroes in books and films, this garment has got us out of many a style dilemma on those days when, no matter how long we look at our wardrobe and in our drawers, we can’t find the outfit we’re looking for. Maybe it’s because denim goes well with everything, because it adapts perfectly to every figure or because you can wear it for any occasion. We don’t know if it’s for any of these reasons or all of them, but we have to admit that we can’t get by without our denim skirt.
As you’ll know, denim is a fabric that was designed to make resistant work garments for everyday use. Farmers, railway workers or sailors were the first to wear it and, over time, it has become the most popular fabric in the world.
Today we use it for very different things to what it was originally designed for and we can find looks with denim garments in every possible scenario, from everyday use to haute couture catwalks. Luckily, someone had the great idea to diversify and today we can only be grateful for this invention.


The denim mini skirt is now a staple in our everyday wardrobe. Its adaptability makes it the ideal companion for any occasion, and we love it! It couldn’t be any other way. The available proposals have diversified in an unstoppable way and finding the ideal denim skirt you have in mind is possible thanks to the many designs at our reach. In a basic denim colour, white, black or with multicoloured dyes.
The women’s midi denim skirt is flying off the shelves this season. Pencil-style, figure-hugging and with a front slit—you won’t be able to think about anything else than getting yours when you see it.
Lastly, there’s a model we’ve fallen in love with and it’s the long denim skirt. A pencil skirt with a flowing fit, it perfectly matches platform trainers or cowboy ankle boots. And on top, a short sleeve T-shirt or off-the-shoulder top. Try out every possibility your wardrobe has to offer because it matches everything!
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