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Women’s tailored shorts

Though they might seem like a pretty plain and simple garment at first, shorts have evolved to offer us all kinds of options. If, much like us, you’re big on tailored shorts, then you’ve come to the right place. Pick your pair!
What is it about this garment that we love so much? Maybe it’s their flattering fit, the fact that they’re so easy to mix and match, the huge variety of styles they make possible, how comfy they feel, or perhaps it’s their feminine essence… Maybe it’s just a combination of all these reasons.
Plus, there are so many different ways to embrace this trend. And the best part? We love ‘em all.
Take the paperbag trend, for instance—one of the most popular versions of tailored bottoms. This style first hit women’s wardrobes after appearing on the catwalk in the form of trousers. While initially a masculine trend, these shorts are able to dress the female figure in ways that were traditionally exclusive to men’s jacket and trouser suits. Nowadays women have taken over the trend and are making it their own by ensuring it reaches its full potential, and shorts are no exception.
The high-rise waist is their defining feature, allowing the fabric to gather at the top. This creates the same effect as scrunching up a paper bag (hence the name). This garment can be held up at the waist with a belt, an elastic band, laces, buttons, zips, etc., creating different effects in each case. Paperbag bottoms are also known for featuring a loose, wide fit that doesn’t cling to the leg.
But let’s put the paperbag trend aside for a moment and focus on the vast variety of tailored Bermudas and shorts. With or without pockets, in draping or tough fabrics, straight fit or ruffled. And—you guessed it—they feature all sorts of fabric motifs. Plain and monochrome designs are all the rage, but prints will give your shorts that bold summer vibe.
There are a handful of foolproof ways to combine this garment: for starters, with a crop top showing off the midriff; secondly, with a basic T-shirt or one featuring motifs; and lastly, with a blouse tucked into the shorts. Tailored shorts will give the appearance of sleeker, longer legs—they couldn’t be more flattering!
You’ll find all types of different women’s tailored shorts in the selection we’ve designed at Pull&Bear especially for you. With so many to choose from, you won’t be able to decide on just one pair. Find your favourite designs and whip up endless combos, summer is waiting for you! see more See less