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Women’s knit vests

The women’s knitted or jersey vest is a really versatile garment that should never be missing from your wardrobe. One of its advantages is that you can wear it in winter as well as spring or autumn. Plus, depending on the accessories and garments you combine it with, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of different looks. Discover its qualities below to make the most of its potential!

How to combine a knitted vest

Here are various combinations to wear with a knitted vest this season. Take note!
For the office: to spend a long day at work you need a look that represents your style, but does not compromise on comfort or convenience. If you want to go to the office in a knitted vest, we recommend that you choose one in beige or camel. And wear a white shirt underneath, along with classic black trousers. In terms of footwear, choose something comfortable, such as trainers in neutral tones. A pearl bead necklace with matching earrings will add a sophisticated, elegant touch.
For a special event: If you are attending a special event and you want to wear something warm, you could go for a plain white knitted vest together with a pale sky blue shirt. You could also put on a black knee-length skirt. Choose a black leather hairband and a narrow belt. Finally, try it with some classic heels, with a wide heel so you are comfortable.
For a night out: This garment is perfect for going out at night, as it tends to be cooling. Plus, you can dress more casually, so we suggest choosing more daring colours. Go for a fuchsia pink knitted vest with a basic white shirt. For the bottom, you can wear a faux leather skirt in black with some black boots. Add a small bag with silver studs and wear pink-toned make up. Complete this explosive outfit with polka dot tights.
Monochrome Look:
Many celebrities and influencers are wearing the monochrome look on their social media and in fashion magazines. The best part is that it is very simple to create and gives you an elegant appearance. Camel is the colour most often used for this style. You should choose dress trousers and a knitted vest in the same shade. Add a white shirt, pointed high heels, and accessorise with beige resin-frame sunglasses and a small white and camel bag. You’ll be a hit on social media!
Long knitted vest: This garment is so versatile that it can be worn as a dress. Choose a long black knitted vest. It is best if it reaches to approximately above your knee. Underneath you can wear a white shirt dress. This should be slightly longer than the sweater. Add a gold necklace, some camel ankle boots and a beige bag.
Full knit: Do you dare to go “full knit”? It’s the perfect style for spring days. You just need to wear white knitted shorts with a matching vest in the same fabric. Add a white short sleeve T-shirt and some trainers. You can carry a white bag, some sunglasses and a metallic pink watch. We recommend you wear your hair in a low messy bun.
Knitted vest with print: Some knitted vests have printed designs. This garment bestows a more casual, cheerful style. Those with various colours in pastel shades are taking this season by storm. We recommend choosing one with designs in pink, green and yellow. Wear a denim shirt and light jeans underneath and combine it with white trainers.

Why you should wear a women’s knitted vest

If you need a few reasons to convince yourself that the knitted vest is one of the season’s most versatile trends, you should know that:
It never goes out of style, so it can last you many years in your wardrobe.
With just one knitted vest you have the possibility of creating limitless looks for all occasions.
It’s perfect for autumn or spring days, when the temperatures are cooler, but it’s not coat weather.
You can also wear them in winter with a shirt to keep out the cold.
The fabric is very comfortable and will keep you cosy. Plus, knitwear is very flexible and completely adapts to your figure.

How to care for knitted garments

You must be aware that knitwear is known for being a somewhat delicate fabric. However, if you know how to wash it correctly, the garment will stay good as new for years.
These are the steps you need to follow to wash and care for your knitted vest. Don’t forget to take note!
The first option is hand washing with a little soap.
If you prefer to use the washing machine, use short programmes and avoid spinning, as it could deform the vest.
When drying it, try to drain the water well so the garment is not too heavy when you hang it.
Avoid drying your knitted vest in sunlight or with the heat of a radiator.
Never iron knitted garments. The only option is to use steam irons.
As you have seen, a women’s knitted vest is a garment with which you can create very varied looks for any occasion. And it’s really comfortable and cosy thanks to its fabric. Do you dare to try any of the looks we’ve suggested? Which is your favourite?
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