Women’s black jeans

It goes without saying that women's black jeans are a wardrobe staple that never goes out of fashion.
At Pull&Bear we’ve created a selection of women's black jeans that adapt to any style, from mom and slouchy jeans to skinny, push-up and flared.

Types of fits for women's black jeans

Super skinny: these are similar to skinny jeans, except they have an even tighter fit. They are ideal for tall, slender or very slender women who are looking for a sexy pair of jeans.
Skinny: these jeans have a very snug fit on the body. They are a flattering choice for slender silhouettes.
Slim: these are a blend of skinny and basic jeans. This style of jeans is flattering on any body type. They shape the calves and thighs and have a slimming effect on the figure.
Regular fit black jeans: known as regular or straight fit. They are the quintessential classic design that is always in fashion. The fit is completely straight from the pelvis to the ankles. While they do not have a snug fit, they highlight the body's shape. They are a flattering choice for silhouettes with wide calves and thighs.
Flared jeans: these resemble the famous bell-bottoms of the ‘70s. This model begins to flare outwards starting below the bottom. They are flattering for any figure, as they mimic curves and the size of the thighs.

What to wear with women's black jeans

Creativity is put to the test when styling your clothes. Women's black jeans are one of the most versatile garments. We’re giving you some ideas that will keep you innovating and trying new combinations!
A daring, creative look: learn how to combine your women's black jeans with unique garments. Use eye-catching accessories like a fuzzy waistcoat or a brightly coloured sweater. You can also take a chance on a vintage garment.
Classic look: simple yet elegant. If you live by these words, simply pair your women's black jeans with a monochrome or printed blouse. A choker or any other piece of jewellery will add an impeccable touch to your outfit.
Casual look: Wondering what to wear this weekend for a comfortable, casual occasion? Pairing them with a basic T-shirt and a blazer is a sure bet. Complete the look with a pair of trainers that contrast with your black jeans.
This way, a single pair of black jeans can be worn on different occasions. They are a versatile garment that no woman's wardrobe can do without. Get the most out of them!
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