Personalised Bags: Pull&You

Have you ever fantasised about having something unique, that only you can have? Made to your liking, chosen by you, knowing that you're not going to run into anyone with the same one. The diversity in fashion is giving us more and more options to choose from in order to create our own style: different trends, different designs, different styles... Now, at Pull&Bear, we wanted to go one step further. We’ve decided that the time has come for you to have your own personalised bag. Can you imagine? A bag exactly how you want it. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Now you can easily get it on the Pull&Bear website. We have designed a series of styles from which you can choose your favourite. You’ll recognise them by the label on the product page indicating that they can be personalised. Choose the shape and colour you like the most. Got it? Now you just have to decide which word you want to have printed. Your name, your sister's name, your best friend's name, your partner's name, the affectionate nickname your parents used to call you when you were little, your pet's name, the town you go to on holiday, your favourite planet, your favourite word... You name it! And voilà! Now you’ve got your own personalised bag! It’s that easy!
Do you like the idea so much that you don’t know which word to choose? Do you like the styles we have included in our selection so much that you don't know which one to choose? No problem! Because at Pull&Bear, we make fashion accessible to everyone, so that you don't have any qualms about choosing more than one. Get a personalised bag in all colours and have them match your best looks.
No more confusing your bag, backpack or pencil case with your friend's because they're both similar; no more seeing someone with the same one on the street; no more going to a party and meeting someone else with the same style: at least you know that this time, it will be different.
Because there are many styles, but there are none exactly like yours. Choose your personalised bag with the options we offer at Pull&Bear and be proud to be the only one to have it. When we say that our fashion is one-of-a-kind, we really mean it!
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