Women’s Stylish Necklaces

The neck is a privileged place for showing off your finest pieces of jewellery. Necklaces are once again becoming an increasingly important part of our looks, as they’re an accessory that’s gained a lot of popularity recent years. Every morning when we get dressed to leave the house, just as we would choose the best shoes to go with our clothes or a bag to match our jacket, we also select a pendant to complement our style.
Current trends opt for a minimalist style, nothing over the top. Fashionable necklaces, far from grabbing our attention with giant beads like in other eras, now bring a sophisticated, flirty element into the mix. But that isn't to say that just because they're simple, we can do without them.
So, here's the idea: a fine chain, in gold or silver tones, with a small detail such as a pendant. That’s what a fashion necklace looks like. And how can you wear them? Well, either on their own or layered, creating what’s known as a ""neck party”. You can create your own ensemble, choosing two or three models fastened at different lengths and on different parts of your neck. The style will give your neckline a decorative, yet refined look.
As for the most popular style of beads, we can also point to some decisive trends. Such as? Shells. You wore them when you were little, or as a teenager, and now they’re making a comeback. This sea-inspired trend isn’t just for necklaces, as it’s also become the perfect way to add some flair to other accessories.
Coin-style medallions are the latest trend, whether they be small ones placed along a chain, or a medium-sized medallion on its own. They work beautifully with layered necklaces.
Similarly, you’ll find many pendants which draw inspiration from nature: shells, feathers, coral, stars, moons, animals and stones, to name a few. Our connection to the earth, the sea and the sky is now stronger than ever.
You can wear your necklaces all year round. In summer and spring, you can use them to adorn the neckline of T-shirts and party dresses; in autumn and winter, you can show them off on top of your fine knit jumpers, adding the finishing touch to plain garments.
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