Stranger Things T-shirt

Mysteries to solve, dark government cover ups, experiments that spiral out of control, characters with amazing powers and terrifying monsters. All of this has an impact on a group of childhood friends who go from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence into young adulthood. Also, throw in a bunch of audiovisual, aesthetic and music pop culture references from the ‘80s.
All this and more is brought together in one of the most successful hit TV series in recent years. Stranger Things has captured the attention of audiences of all ages and from many different countries. It uses a formula based on the great cinematic hits of the 1980s, but updates and refines it with the best recent television methods.

From TV to fashion

Whenever cultural phenomena generate a large following, they’re transferred to other sectors from the one in which the original phenomenon arose. We often see singers end up as TV or film stars, but also the other way around. These people launch their own products, such as perfumes or clothes and shoes designed by them.
This is why it’s common to see clothes featuring famous athletes, singers, film stars and also fictional characters from any genre.

Stranger Things Clothing

The adventures of Hawkins’ inhabitants have also made the leap to your favourite clothes. Thanks to Pull & Bear, you have men’s Stranger Things T-shirts right at your fingertips. Finally, you’ll be able to wear clothes repping your favourite series in quality fabrics that make all the difference.
Because the Pull & Bear brand stands out not only for excellent materials, but also for always being at the forefront of fashion and bringing all the latest trends to the youngest generation.
The adventures of Eleven and her friends will dress you in both dark and light colours, as you have models with a black background, others with a white background and one with a white torso and black sleeves. There’s also another model in a bright golden yellow colour.
As they’re short-sleeved T-shirts, they’re perfect for both Winter wear and combining with other tops for in-between seasons.

Mix and match your men’s Stranger Things T-shirts

Although you’ll want to prioritise wearing these designs on Pull & Bear's T-shirts, you have plenty of interesting options for putting together your outfit if you want to mix and match.

Jeans, the modern classic that always works

These trousers always give you a casual, urban look and these T-shirts go perfectly with jeans in different shades of colour. Usually, you look for a colour that contrasts with your shirt: if it’s a light shade, go for a dark denim and vice versa.

Trainers for your casual look

This type of T-shirt gives you a fresh and modern look. That's why the clothes you pair them with should be in line with the casual style they represent. As far as footwear is concerned, trainers give you a very wide range of choice. Whether it's tennis shoes or sneakers, they’re the logical choice for a short-sleeved T-shirt, and they don't force you to choose a specific pair of trousers. With jeans or other casual trousers, trainers will top off your outfit.

Open shirts

The best and most comfortable option for wearing your Stranger Things T-shirts when the in-between season months arrive is an open shirt. This way, you add an extra layer of clothing in case the weather isn’t too hot, but the most eye-catching part of your T-shirt can still be seen : the front.
Remember to look for a certain colour contrast between the two garments to bring together the overall look even though they share some colours, without having the contrast be too extreme or having them be practically the same colour.


Several items can add a more young and rebellious touch to the outfit showcasing your new T-shirt:
  • A chain or necklace around your neck. Wearing it on the outside of the T-shirt lends a rapper touch.
  • Cap. As with trainers, you have a wide range that allows you to vary your look with ease and versatility.
  • Neckerchief. It's another touch of colour to complement your look.
  • Bracelets. Although they have less visual weight than the previous accessories, they can add that extra something special, especially if combined with a necklace or neck chain.

Pull & Bear always brings you the latest trends and your favourite series is no exception. Men’s Stranger Things T-shirts give you that young, ‘80s, updated touch that exudes freshness and a casual style. see more See less