Men's partywear

Men's partywear is often associated with one concept: the suit. The suit is synonymous with masculinity, elegance and style; it’s very discreet and it’s the option that the vast majority tends to opt for. However, men's party outfits are changing: it’s now possible to find a wide range of proposals beyond a simple suit.

Men’s Partywear

The key to eliminating the suit from your party looks is accepting the fact that men can also wear bold clothing with colours beyond the dark palette that suits usually offer. And why not? You can also add some texture to your outfit. In fact, many men are opting for feminine touches to their outfits, something that has not only been endorsed by many celebrities, but has also been included by many haute couture houses in their men's fashion collections.
Don't forget that clothes are something you can play with, as the same piece can be combined with many other options in your wardrobe. But can you introduce these combos at a party? If the clothes are properly matched, they can be used for an important event (weddings, communions, etc.", false, true)}, as well as for a night out with friends or a company dinner.

Men’s party shirt

Starting with a shirt, you can build the whole outfit to wear for that upcoming special occasion. You can go for traditional shirts, if you don't want to make any risky changes. But if you opt for something new and beyond the suit, it's time to add prints and different textures and fabrics to your shirts.
One of the trends that more and more men are opting for are shirts with ruffles These can be worn with traditional suits to add a different touch to the outfit. If you’re not brave enough for ruffles, then try eye-catching shirts that have different prints, and very bright colours. Combining these shirts with a monochrome suit can be a great choice for going out.

Men’s party trousers

Men's party trousers are characterised by being straight, very well defined and, sometimes, tailored. These are usually in dark and traditional colours: black, blue, grey, beige, etc. These trousers can be paired with brightly coloured shirts or be used as the highlight of your party outfit.
Today, you can also add textures or new colours that go beyond the usual ones. In addition to plain trousers, you can find trousers with pinstripes, bold prints, metallic fabrics and, of course, different lengths.
In fact, for partying with friends, you can team smart trousers with a basic T-shirt and add some braces. This is an increasingly popular look among the younger crowd, and the results are a hit.

Blazer? Jacket?

The blazer is always a great choice for special occasions, and it’s ideal for those who aren’t quite ready to wear groundbreaking colours and textures. However, today it’s possible to find these pieces with added hints of colour that make them discreet but modern;
for example, blazers can be worn with different textures on the collar or the notched lapels. This keeps you looking understated and conservative, but with an added touch of boldness.
You can also forget the blazer and replace it with something else, such as an oversize sweater or a tight-fitting sweater in bright colours. You can pair it with discreet party trousers.

The updated suit

Suits never go out of fashion, and it’s logical to think that they’re the only alternative when it comes to party clothes. However, the suit has also been reinvented and unless you want it for a very solemn occasion, you can find trends that are off the beaten track. Leave the dark colours behind and emphasise bolder tones or metallic fabrics.

Party trainers

Men’s party trainers also play a key role when putting together your outfit. You no longer need to wear traditional black or camel shoes; you can now even go to a party wearing your favourite trainers. Go with white trainers to create a greater contrast
—remember that less is more. If you’d like to wear something different on your night out, don’t hesitate to pick out a piece with the latest on-trend textures and colours. If you choose a flashy colour for the top, opt for a more discreet pair of trousers and vice versa. You can find clothes with different cuts and styles that will soon become your favourite partywear. see more See less