Men’s basic sweatshirts

You can get by on monochrome garments in your day-to-day and nobody will bat an eyelid because plain colours are the basis for any outfit. Men’s basic sweatshirts belong to that category of clothing that takes the spotlight in streetwear fashion and will stay popular forever.
There's a reason why they were one of the first garments you wore as a child and you still wear them today. You probably still use men’s basic sweatshirts because they are comfortable, versatile and great when it gets cold. Have to go out but the weather isn’t great? Don’t overthink it, just grab your sweatshirt and hit the street!
The two most popular basic models are: the classic, in thick plush fabric with a pouch pocket, hood and drawstrings; and the round neck model (also available as a V-neck), with elasticated cuffs and hem. Based on these characteristics, you can find many models to choose the colour you like most.
Basic sweatshirts will always be part of men’s fashion. How you wear them will largely depend on your style, but here are some ideas to help inspire you.
Go for sombre and dark colours in the harsher winter months and keep brighter colours for Autumn and Winter. (At the end of the day, not all cities are swelteringly hot, and when the temperatures drop, what better go-to than your sweatshirt?).
The great thing about men’s basic sweatshirts is that you can pair them with other printed garments, like a pair of trousers, a jacket or a cap (or beanie). They’ll look great under your denim jacket or bomber jacket. You can also wear a hoodie with a three-quarter-length coat, a winning blend of styles.
Jeans will always be an ideal pairing for your basic sweatshirts, in all styles and colours. Try wearing a basic maroon round neck sweatshirt with a white T-shirt that lets a little bit of the neck show underneath, along with your favourite indigo blue jeans and dark-coloured trainers. And to bundle up, go for a caramel-coloured trucker-style corduroy jacket with a faux shearling collar. Complete the outfit with a five-panel cap in the print that suits you best, and you’ll have a new Insta-worthy look to show off!
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