Men’s socks

You wake up one day and all of a sudden fashion is focusing on a new trend (or one making a comeback). It might be a particular piece of clothing, or a specific accessory. Something which used to be worn differently, but then unexpectedly appears on the catwalks, becoming a must-have item overnight. We're describing precisely what has gone on in the last few years with men’s socks. Our look has never depended on them more than it does now, both when they’re worn, and when they’re not. Keep reading and all will become clear.
Years ago, socks were an accessory that went completely undetected. They were there, of course, but no one really noticed them. They were simple and boring. Quietly hidden beneath trousers which came down to our heels. They kept themselves to themselves, not offering anything in particular. What was the point in showing them off?
Well nowadays it's a different story. We like men’s socks to be colourful, lively and fun. And what’s more, we like to show them off, and we like them to be seen. Or do we? The important thing is that the trend has now been turned on its head. We like our long socks to be visible,
but there's also something to be said about their absence. Now that the hem of our trousers is moving upwards and we're going about in cropped styles, our ankles are now out in the open. So where did the socks go? They disappeared! We’re used to seeing styles where someone appears to have no socks on, but in actual fact they do. They are what's called a no show sock, showing off the ankles, and it's a hot trend right now.
For these exact reasons, Pull&Bear has created a collection of socks for men which caters to all needs. Long socksfor those who like to wear them with Bermuda shorts, leaving their design visible; or with cropped trousers, for an authentic Michael Jackson look; medium length socks as a replacement for the others; ankle socks for men who are a bit more traditional, or to prevent any blisters on the feet; and lastly, the no show sock for those who prefer to keep theirs hidden. You’ll find all the colours imaginable, in the most original designs, giving you a first-class look from head to toe.
What about wearing a printed long sleeve shirt buttoned to the top, a pair of camel coloured cropped chino trousers, some white trainers and some long striped socks, athleisure-style? Sounds good, doesn’t it? And the best bit is that it won’t make a difference if you decide to put on some no show socks instead of long socks, it will look just as great.
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