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On-trend dresses

The summer has arrived, and with it, our need to enjoy the sun, beer gardens, time with friends, holidays… All in our latest lightweight dresses.
This year, the styles are full of warm colours, like shades of yellow, mustard or peach, as well as light colours like white, ecru and beige, earth tones like khaki and sand, and pastel shades, which have become essential in any wardrobe. All these colours can be found in this summer's dresses, filling them with joy and vitality.
When it comes to prints, this year's stand-out print is tie-dye. Of course, you also need the best print for the sunniest months in your wardrobe. We're talking about floral prints. We love the fresh feel and bohemian essence items covered in flowers bring to our looks! You'll also see stripes and polka dots, two prints that add style and feel great.
As you'll see in our new Pull&Bear dresses collection, there’s a place for every length in your wardrobe this summer. As always, the hotter the weather, the shorter the skirts, so short items are and will always be the stars of the hottest months. Above-the-knee length dresses help you survive the heat and feel completely comfortable. However, this year another length is fighting to steal the mini trend's spotlight: the midi dress. The versatility and ease of these mid-calf-length dresses are turning them into this summer's dress of choice.
You'll also love the variety of this cut, so however you look, whatever your style, whatever you like, the perfect dress for you is right here. "Straps are for summer" evokes a lovely story under the sun. You're going to see lots of thin straps with V-necks, square necklines or crew necks. There will also be lots of short sleeve dresses in a range of pastel shades around this season.
Light, flowing dresses will be the most popular this summer, with detailed necklines or fitted with cut-outs on the front. Knots remind us of the beach, heat and sunshine, so you'll also be seeing these on the most-wanted dresses. Gatherings, embroidery and straps are classic summer looks.
Don't forget that simplicity is classy, so you can't miss out on this basic dress among your clothes, easy to match with any accessory. Find the most popular and pick your favourite, bearing in mind that effortless clothes are always fashionable and they'll give you the style and comfort you need in summertime.
Finally, don't forget that accessories are capable of making any outfit unique. Handbags, crossbody bags, bucket hats, platform or esparto sandals, flowers, necklaces, seashells… All these will give your look a distinctive and personal touch.
With Pull&Bear's summer dresses, you can find the perfect look for you.
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