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Women’s blazers

Blazers and jackets have always been associated with men’s fashion, but women’s trends have started adopting their patterns and adapting them to women’s fits. Gradually, these jackets have become more and more popular, even becoming the main focus of all types of looks, not only formal ones. Sophisticated, yes, but also casual and great for the office or even for the best party looks, everything depends on what you pair them with.
Together with jeans and a white T-shirt, blazers are one of the most essential basics in your wardrobe. You’ve surely spotted them on a daily basis with a whole range of outfits. Some of the most valuable features a blazer has to offer are that it helps flatter the figure and makes us seem slimmer, its elegance and sophistication, the fact that it’s a versatile item suitable for both day and night, or that it goes well with everything. Want to know how to pair it? Take note!
Create a rocker look with your women’s blazer at the heart of your outfit. The trick: put on some black skinny jeans, a T-shirt from your favourite rock group and some cowboy-style boots. If they’re in a striking colour, even better, but black is also fine. Then pop on a check print blazer. A powerful combination!
Another idea which always works is pairing your women’s formal blazer with some dark blue jeans. Give some high-waisted mom jeans a try. You can wear a crop top in summer or a knitted sweater in the colder months. It’s a great way to give a touch of elegance to a casual look. You can even go to a party with this combo as your foundation. Put a lace top or body on top, with your blazer over the top, and you’re sorted!
For occasions that require a slightly more formal touch, opt for culottes with a contrast blouse and some high-heel shoes, and you’ll have the perfect outfit. Try and make sure the jacket or any of the other pieces in your outfit are in a striking colour to break up the monotony.
Create a seventies look with some flared trousers, a blouse, an oversized women’s blazer and some chunky ankle boots. Just thinking about it, we’re already in love!
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