Women’s denim dresses

Denim dresses have come to solve all our style problems! Yep, you read that right. Many a morning have you peered into your wardrobe only to see a grim picture before you, filling you with dread: “I have nothing to wear!” “What goes with this?” “Can polka dots go with stripes?” “Blue and green… do they really clash?” Fear no more: with a denim dress you no longer have to stress yourself out about mixing and matching, because it goes with everything!
This versatile garment is one of our favourite basics. Because of its basic functionality, since, like your best friend, it’s always there when you need it. And it’s comfortable! Because there is nothing so snug as sheathing yourself in a denim dress, wherever you may go. Not to mention, it’s also stylish. We can’t deny it: denim is king in everyday fashion and it’s a key piece in many of our looks… What would we do without this iconic fabric?
The truth is that denim has stood the test of time like no other—it’s virtually unchanged, retaining its essence. The history of denim dates back to the 19th century, when it was created to make durable garments for workers’ everyday use (e.g. sailors, farmers, stockbreeders and railway workers). But it wasn’t until the 1960s when this classic fabric launched into popularity. Some film icons began to use denim as a symbol of their youthful rebellion. In the ‘70s, it was already a universally known classic that reached all social classes. As time passed, different fading effects began to be used on various garments, until one of our favourites finally emerged: the denim dress!
Today, the possibilities for denim dresses are endless, as we can find many different types of garment embellishments: embroidery, frayed or raw edging, patches, patchwork, studs, distressed finishes, buttons, pockets… from fitted and oversized shirt designs to dungarees and pinafore dresses , available in all different lengths and silhouettes.
Wear it on its own or paired with one of your favourite pieces. The good thing about denim is that it looks great with everything! To add a touch of colour, put a bow in your hair and throw on a pair of animal print ankle boots. If you’re looking for more of a rock ‘n’ roll look, choose some platform boots and a black handbag with studs. For a sporty touch, put on some chunky trainers and a brightly coloured backpack .
At Pull&Bear, you’ll find a selection of denim dresses suited to all tastes. This fashion basic is an absolute must for your wardrobe. see more