The Matrix Collection

The Matrix is one of the greatest cultural references in film from the late ‘90s. The classic trilogy shows two opposing worlds: the real one where humans are controlled by machines, and the virtual one, where humans think they live in the real world, but their minds are controlled and enchained. Who doesn’t know about these famous icons? Everyone remembers Neo’s amazing bullet-dodging manoeuvres, as well as his symbolic black Matrix uniform.
For true Matrix lovers, at Pull&Bear we’ve got a fantastic clothing collection that pays homage to this classic saga. It includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, gilets, trousers, hats... To mix and match however you want!

The Matrix: women’s and men’s clothing

The Matrix clothing collection has garments for both men and women, which you can use in your day-to-day life or hold onto for a special occasion.
The collection wouldn’t be complete without those ‘90s Matrix sunglasses worn by Neo, undoubtedly one of the most iconic items from the trilogy. One of the advantages of this accessory is its great versatility—these ‘90s-style sunglasses go with just about any of your everyday outfits.
The different designs on the Matrix T-shirts from the collection feature legendary scenes and symbols from the film, and they’re available in a variety of colours. Just pick your favourites, choose the perfect size for you and show them off one by one.
You can do the same with our selection of Matrix sweatshirts, perfect for wearing the most iconic characters and scenes from the film when it gets colder.
Of course, the collection wouldn't be complete without the famous black stretch trousers and the models that replicate the style of the main characters.
In addition, the other accessories, such as gilets and hats, can add the finishing touches to your Matrix-inspired look.

Ideas for mixing and matching clothing from The Matrix collection

Surely, you have your own ideas, but perhaps we can add some things to your list of possible outfits. Here are some tips:
T-shirts can be versatile, for example, depending on the occasion, and the accessories you use will help you pull together a more or less formal look. So, pairing a Matrix collection T-shirt with some dark jeans is a great go-to look for when you’re going out. Women also have the option of pairing a T-shirt with a denim or leather skirt and some ankle boots.
If you decide to go with black trousers, be sure to add some contrast with the T-shirts, and opt for one of the dark-coloured gilets. And of course, the trench coat is the ideal finishing touch that goes with everything in the Matrix collection.
The Matrix is one of the most popular films in the history of cinema, which is why it’s still remembered and celebrated today. If you’re a true member of the Matrix fan club, look no further than this authentic collection from Pull&Bear!
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